Like Alanis Says, "You Live, You Learn."

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I've been at my new job for three & a half weeks, & life has changed a lot. For example, I go to bed at, like, 10:30 now. But there are some lessons to be learned outside the workplace, too. For example, here are a dozen things I've learned this week alone. And heck, it's only Tuesday!
  1. Nothing makes me feel older than going to bed at 10:30pm, but 7:45am is the devil's hour.
  2. Best friends give the best advice. Also, best friends give the worst advice.
  3. Fig jam makes for terrible hair gel. Think "There's Something About Mary."
  4. Southerners' opinions about the non-terribleness of Southern summer heat simply do not count.
  5. Rita's Water Ice, no matter how filling, does not a dinner make.
  6. Leggings are, in fact, just ugly. Even on you. Yes, you.
  7. Stress causes me to be less afraid of spiders. I was so wiggy the other day that I didn't even care when I let a particularly gross one get away. In my bedroom. Except now I'm not that stressed anymore & he's lurking here someplace...
  8. An old cliche says that sometimes bad things happen to good people. But sometimes good things happen to bad people. And it sucks.
  9. I like young adult fiction better than fiction written for people my own age.
  10. If your friends are only your friends when you're in close proximity to one another, they're likely not actually your friends.
  11. James Marsters circa 2002 (but NOT circa now) quite possibly tops my list of celebs of the swoon-worthy variety, a fact I am only marginally ashamed of.
  12. If you order a pair of sandals from & upon their arrival discover they're too small, for God's sakes, don't be too lazy to return them. Your toes will thank you later.
What have you learned this week? This month? This year?
Teach me stuff.
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