Sunday, October 18, 2009

What do you get when you combine 25 bloggers+ from all across the country, jam them into a tiny, hotter-than-July-in-hell bar (Stetson's) on U Street, and allow them unfettered access to as much alcohol as their wallets can afford to provide them with? You get #pbandtuna, of course, also referred to within the blogosphere as "the wedding of the year" (a.k.a. an absurd birthday bash for the lovely ladies pictured on here). Bloggers flew into DC from cities to which I've never traveled - exotic places like Denver & Detroit!

I was nervous about attending because I'm fairly uncomfortable meeting new people. I'm not a particularly good bonder, if you will, so I often just sort of slink off into a corner to be slightly awkward, though thankfully, my possession of an iPhone means I can now sometimes play that off as looking pseudo-legitimately "busy."

To top it off, there's something a little admittedly nerve-wracking/weird about hanging out in real life with people I "met" on the Internets. And sure, my real-life friends think it's creepy/crazy - but I've actually found there's something surprisingly & soothingly uncreepy about befriending these bloggers. Their sites are so full of their lives - detailed, real, out front - that meeting them feels like an easy extension of the knowledge I already have of them. Don't get me wrong, I still feel a little out of place, but they're also a crazy-fun bunch.

[Commence the part of this blog post in which I name-drop heavily & you not only bear with me but also click on all the links.] Highlights of last night included meeting/liking long-read blogfolk like Cleveland's a Plum, recently voted the best blogger in Ohio's best city (not that I'm biased), & Ginger Mandy, who was not the only gingerkid at the soiree, plus spending some QT with the brides/birthday girls, Lilu & Maxie, & other faves like What a Grand World, Lemmonex, Alice, PQ, 12 Minds, Dysfunction Junction, Franco Beans, Dmbosstone, Deutlich, Cavy, Lusty Reader, & Pithy Comments. BLOGGER OVERLOAD!

I had a good enough time to overlook the fact that the servers at Stetson's sucked, especially the one who bullied me into changing my tab to her service. On the upside, the bartender wearing the shirt captured below told me she liked me when I asked her what their cheapest beer was but promised to tip her like I'd bought something better:

Thoughts on this, um, fashion statement? Is it a conversation piece or a "don't you dare get chatty with me" piece? I am both appalled & impressed.


  1. Exotic places like detroit?

    I wouldn't wear the shirt but it is a good conversation starter :O

  2. Awww, it was truly spectacular, wasn't it?


    So good to see you, hon!!!

  3. yes detroit is quite exotic. we have homeless people from all over. :)

    i am so happy i got to meet you! i still felt like an asshole for not recognizing you right off the bat. haha. i am socially awkward and bad at names/faces, so it was a fatal mix. but you are adorbs. no doubt.

  4. it was so great meeting you! so crazy that you live in the same building as my friends... you are totally coming to the next shabbat dinner/ asian food bingefest! :-)

  5. I am SO glad I got to see you!!!

    Did I introduce you to the Boy?


  6. Thank you so much for coming! I get totally overwhelmed too... then I just get drunk so I don't care if I have to meet 50 new people in a row.

  7. i so wanted to grab a shot of that shirt. you must teach me the ways of the candid photographer. i am, how you say, much less clever with my angling and it always ends up awkward.

  8. Aw, I should have joined! Glad y'alls had fun :)

  9. All I can say is we need to do it again, minus everyone getting sick afterwards.

  10. A most excellent time! It was really nice meeting you. we should do it again soon, well at least when I return home finally.


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