SPF, My Ass

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My sunburn hurts.

A lot.

That's all, really. It hurts on my scalp, & the splotch on my forehead where I forgot to put sunscreen. It hurts in that spot that's not quite armpit, where my arms meets my body. It hurts at the tops of my thighs where I also apparently neglected to apply my gluey sunscreen (see previous post). It hurts underneath my bra straps & on my earlobes.

Remember when I said I'd made amends with the beach? I might retract said reconciliation unless I can find some aloe to mediate.


  1. get the spray on kind, it's easier not to miss the trouble areas...bad for the environment, but hey...life is bad for the environment. Kerri aka iKeralot

  2. Ouch. I had a sunburn on my forehead that began peeling and turned into an oozing mess. Got me out of serving on a jury, though.

  3. oh god, i have so been there. hundreds of times. i'm with kerri, spray on = MY SAVIOR.

  4. I managed to spend an entire week on the beach without a burn... then got sunburned on the last day.

  5. I always get it in the weirdest places, too, like BETWEEN MY TOES. <--- not cool


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