A Brief, Vacation-Induced Hiatus

Monday, July 6, 2009

I forgot to mention that I'll mostly be on a blogging hiatus until next week, as I'm vacationing in South Carolina with my family during this one & neglected (on purpose) to bring my own computer with me. I was gonna make this announcement sooner, but I got distracted over the Fourth of July while having the best weekend I've had all year, so you'll forgive my announcement-making forgetfulness. I was busy reuniting with five of my favorite people in the universe, riding the National Mall carousel, eating plantains at the Folk Life Festival, attending a Washington Nationals game, BBQing on a friend's roofdeck & watching the best fireworks in the country.

I'm now relaxing in a snappy little three-room condo (in my own room, no less!) with my mom, grandma, uncle & aunt (plus two who are staying elsewhere, presumably in order to avoid inevitable family conflicts) & at least one now-dead palmetto bug. So far I've:
  • Rekindled my love of crab cakes & reaffirmed my status as a bad Jew
  • Consumed the tastiest caramel appletini of all time
  • Applied the gluiest sunscreen ever, resulting in sand all over my body that refuses to be entirely washed off
  • Not tanned at all (see above, with the added detail that said gluey sunscreen was SPF 50)
  • Potentially overcome my longstanding fear of sea creatures & opaque waters
  • Made tentative amends with the beach, which I have long claimed to despise
  • Finished off Steve Martin's "Shopgirl" & David Sedaris' "Holidays on Ice"
  • Discovered a wall smudge that contains a telltale bug leg that I'm too grossed out to deal with
  • Shunned my hairdryer in favor of recently discovered, air-dried, sorta-kinda waves
  • Also shunned all makeup - liberating!
  • Twirled around in our muddy backyard in my bathing suit in a splendid summer downpour
  • Prepared my first batch of guacamole (with help via text from friends), which was delicious, thankyouverymuch

In other news, my, umm, cheap fiscally responsible uncle has collected stray golf balls from the driving range behind our place and my grandma gave me eyedrops that made me feel like my eyeballs were floating out of my head.

I'll be back this weekend with a blogging vengeance. 'Til then, you can follow me on Twitter or simply await my triumphant return, which is sure to be accompanied by new grandmaisms & woeful tales of my inevitable sunburn.


  1. I like the hair!

  2. my salivary glands perked up at "caramel appletini." sounds like such a fabulous time!

  3. as much as i love my computer, leaving it behind is such freedom. congrats.

  4. This has nothing to do with the beach but you take the best photos (even without makeup). Ever.

  5. haha, I too have a fear of sea creatures and opaque waters. Despite having grown up near the beach. Getting bitten by crabs, stung by jellyfish and attacked by sea lice has not helped! (Sea lice, while they sound disgusting, are not like "land" lice. They're jellyfish larvae and can sting.)

    I also had a guilty pleasure eating an oyster & bacon sandwhich recently. Oy, mom would not be proud, but at least she's relaxed about it.

    Enjoy your vacation, we'll see you when you get back!

  6. oh man, i have WILLED my hair to do that beachy wavy thing my WHOLE LIFE. it does not. i am jealous.

  7. LOVE your hair! and crabcakes and appletinis. And Hilton Head. And you! Glad you're having a good time!

  8. I love me a good grandma-ism.

    That was weird...


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