Spring Awakening - Minus the Tunes, Plus a 'Tude

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's officially spring in the District, which means a few things:
  1. Cherry blossoms! Saturday's Kite Festival kicked off D.C.'s most touristy season of the year, despite a little drizzle. I, of course, did not attend, choosing instead opting to peruse the Cleveland Park Library's book sale, but I hear Heroes' Greg Grunberg made an appearance!

  2. Let me say it again: Cherry Blossom season means TOURIST SEASON to the maxx - the time of year when I most hate living on the redline, witnessing zoo-going out-of-towners pushing their strollers uphill from the Woodley Park/Adams Morgan/National Zoo Metro Station, which is a blatant falsehood on WMATA's part. Everyone knows the Cleveland Park station is just as close but, more importantly, is a downhill walk - everyone but tourists, of course. As a result, the half-mile stretch from the Woodley Park Metro to the Zoo is always, well, a zoo of its own. Kill me.

  3. Weird odors abound. Happy Spring! The outside of my apartment building reeks of Bandaids & show ponies! Oh, wait, that's just fresh mulch in the "garden" - but while it may look nice, my sense of smell can't tell the difference. Same goes for the "smells like teen spirit" stench that now permeates the Metro, which tends to look just as bad as it smells - like sweaty people smashed together with their armpits in one another's faces as they hold the ceiling rails.

  4. Inappropriate attire. Just because the weather's getting nicer doesn't mean it's ever legit to wear miniskirts to work. With UGGS. That have fringe. And pom-poms. Similarly, unless you're a ballerina, it's absolutely never appropriate to wear leggings as pants, a dastardly phenomenon I mentioned earlier this week. I don't want to see your butt; I don't want to see your wedgie; I don't want to see every dimple in your thighs - & trust me, I know dimply thighs. No, unless you're starring in a workout video alongside Richard Simmons, this is simply not a fashionable fashion. Curses to spring for bringing out the leggings lovers.
I have a feeling this is just part one in a long list of things that nicer weather brings to the District. Expect further rants updates at a later (& warmer) date.

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  1. Love the rant lol. We're having the same problem in Ohio with innapropriate attire. It's 50 degrees out and I saw at least 5 girls today wearing short-shorts and ugg boots in Kent. Seriously wtf?


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