Let It Snow, Let It Snow, & Let Me Be More Careful About Future Screenshots

Monday, March 2, 2009

I know it's blurry (WTF crummy screenshot?) but LOOK WHAT WE HAVE! The "snow emergency" was canceled around 11 p.m. (which is good, because cabs charge a 25% fee to drive in 'em, & I had to get home from Arlington tonight), but we've still got a little bit of the fluffy stuff goin' on.

And though I have zero faith that it will manifest into any more of a winter wonderland (or that the precipitation-phobic residents of this city I call my second home would appreciate it if it did), I was pretty gloriously jazzed at tonight's weather sitch. And yes, I realize that I just may be the only girl in the District whose fingers are crossed for more.

PS: Gotta be careful 'bout those screenshots. Like, hypothetically, if you're looking at the blog of someone who most assuredly has no idea you read their blog, then you might, hypothetically, have to retake the screenshot in a flurry of anxiety at having almost outed yourself.


  1. I can't BELIEVE they didn't cancel today! I took a sick day and YES, I am on the couch wearing my Snuggie... how did you know??

  2. my fingers were crossed for more! and i only got HALF of a snow day out of it! arghhh...i guess it's better than nothing....

  3. It was cancelled?! My bitch ass cab driver charged me extra anyway! Damn my young naive self!

  4. I thought I was the only one hoping for even more snow. If it's not a snow day, it's never enough.

  5. School was canceled today and it just keeps snowing! AHHHH.


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