Hippie Hill Invasion (Or "Disasters in DC Fashion")

Monday, March 2, 2009

Now that I work in communications rather than in legislative advocacy, I no longer frequent Capitol Hill much. Still, I like to think that when I do, I clean up fairly decently. I mean, sure, I participated in The Great Seersucker Suit Day of 2008, whereupon two of my closest friends & I took to the Hill to lobby & simultaneously attempted to reclaim the summer pinstripe for the Dems. OK, & no, not all of my "dress-up clothes" fit me particularly well because I have an apparent "pants problem" that mysteriously renders all my slacks massive on me, despite my lack of weight loss.

But even when I don't look my Sunday best, I know that there are a few things you just shouldn't wear when you make a trek to Capitol Hill to visit your elected officials. Things that come to mind include:
  • Sweats (pants, hoodies, the like)
  • UGGS (or any footwear that involves pom-poms)
  • Patterned, footless leggings
  • Any skirt too short/scandalous/ugly for church or dinner at your grandma's house
  • Tie-dyed anything
  • Patchwork anything
  • Anything made of hemp
I saw all of the above today, when 1,200+ college-aged hippies from Power Shift 2009 took to the Hill to demand Congress pass stronger environmental legislation. The worst fashion offender of the day? See for yourself:

Come ON. No matter how you slice it, wearing Crocs to the Hill - IN WINTER - is wholly (hole-y?) unacceptable. And she's not even going to try to blend in & pretend like she's wearing normal-person shoes? She's just gonna go straight to bright red?

Oh, & did I mention that it was 21 degrees & snowy out today?!?

PS: Hippie protests - Just one of the many joys of living in our nation's capital:


[F]oxymoron said...

So that was what I saw when I came back into town! I love protest-watching. Fascinating.

Lynsey said...

Seriously- I want to visit and see DC so badly...the last time I was there was in 8th grade; the field trip...and I didn't pay any attention one bit because...I was falling for this guy and of course; my main focus was to get him to like me. Now, I guess I am old; because I would love to go back and visit the museums!

vvk said...

...and the hippie protesters don't understand how to walk down a hall without blocking it. Annoying when you're trying to get past their slow shuffle. At least they weren't as obnoxious as some past group of protesters.

rachaelgking said...

I just started clawing at the computer screen, trying to tear them off her feet. I couldn't even help myself.

Anonymous said...

They have entire Crocs Stores! That is how these people feed their disease.

Anonymous said...

I'm so not into crocs!

Harley said...

UGH! CROCS! They are a crime against humanity, and the next person that says "but they're so comfortable!" is getting slapped upside the head.


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