The Force is Strong With This One...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

If James Earl Jones were a young, white woman, I think (s)he'd sound exactly the way I do now. While everyone else in the District (including the massive gaggle of folks traipsing through my neighborhood to get to the zoo) is relishing the 60+-degree weather, I'm battling my second allergy-induced illness in as many weeks, & the effects are not pretty.

In other (entirely unrelated) news, I'd like to eat a falafel sandwich from Fresh Med every day for the rest of my life, please.


  1. This is almost entire unrelated. . .but I have a t-shirt that says "The Force is strong with this one" in the Star Wars lettering, and I wore it yesterday. ;-)

  2. Poor you! You can always get a job doing voice-overs :)

  3. The fried cauliflower sandwich ain't too shabby either. I heart Fresh Med. If anything can cure allergies, I'm pretty sure hummus can.

  4. ooooo good suggestion! i heart falafel and haven't had fresh med yet. now i plan to go this weekend. thx!
    More yumminess:
    is the best, by far, i have found. it's even better when you're sloppy drunk. screw jumbo slice and brass monkey. go here.

    is soooo yummy and cheap in arlington. turkish foods stuffs. and they have a cute market and takeout spot too. best hummus i have had in dc area. by far. mmmmmm.... get better! yummy foods help.


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