DC: Where Good Sense Goes to Die

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Particularly heinous/noteworthy crimes against humanity include:

  • Allowing your son to grow a long, flowing rattail
  • Wearing a Hawaiian-print dress & pink slippers on a public bus
  • Rocking out to UB40's 1983 smash hit "Red Wine" on the Metro
  • Carrying dangerous weapons and/or nail grooming tools in your buttcrack
And in case you're curious, why, yes, I HAVE witnessed all four of these atrocities within the past 12 hours.


  1. "red red wiiiiiiine. goes to my heeaaaad. makes me forget that i still need you soooo."

    love it.
    love you.

  2. Re: your comment on my blog entry "stamp a stack"

    If you go to the Stampin Up website, you can find a local demonstrator. You can see if someone in your area does these. Also, you might want to ask CinDC at Pencil Crossings; she's a DC stamper


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