What the Cluck?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you -- today I rode the redline with a chicken!

That's right. A chicken. OK, not a
real chicken, which probably would have been cooler-slash-dirtier, but this morning when I hopped onto my traincar, I was pleased to find a person in a chicken costume sitting on the floor in front of the door on the other side.

What was said chicken doing on the redline, you ask? It's unclear, but the chicken was clothed in a DC Voice t-shirt, an organization that focuses on the quality of education within the District. Frankly, I see zero correlation between education & chickens, but maybe I'm just an egghead. Regardless, I imagine he (she? Not sure if this was a cock or a hen!) was really struggling under the yolk yoke of that crazy getup. Walking the hot, muggy streets of D.C. in a costume like that has got to be like hanging out in an incubator all day.

I am very, very sad to report that I was entirely unable to snap a photo of the majority of this fowl impersonator. However, on the off chance that
you wouldn't believe my story without a photo , I did take a pic of the one part of the chicken I could really see. The rest, I think, will sort of appear in your imagination.

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