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Sunday, August 3, 2008

I've become quite the avid reader of strangers' blogs, especially on days like today, when my birthday-induced hangover headache is so all-encompassing that I'm sitting in silence with little else to do but feverishly browse the Interwebs.

Meg Fowler
and Jodiferous both made these cute little love lists (lists of things they love, obvi). I decided to do the same & remembered to include some very D.C.-oriented loves, in keeping with this blog's theme.

- Mail from my grandmother
- Trying new restaurants in D.C.
- Kindness from strangers
- Getting into a good book
- Shopping for new books at Kramerbooks
- Really capable, friendly waiters
- The L1 bus arriving on time
- Texting
- The bearded Big Hunt bartender’s typewriter & lamp tattoos
- Going home for the weekend
- Being on airplanes
- Union Station
- Knowing I’ll be visiting NYC a bit next year
- Lunch with my coworkers
- Shopping at Target, which is difficult to get to in D.C.
- When my hair is really, really straight
- Black Revlon eyeliner
- Getting compliments on my work from my boss
- Froyo from Tangysweet with kiwis and honey
- Waking up early, which is a total rarity
- Ohio pride
- Fruit punch hookah
- Getting out of work early on Fridays
- Painting pottery at All Fired Up
- Living alone
- My old teddy bear
- The Uptown, the historic one-screen theatre down the street
- Midday naps
- Telling stories with lots of hand motions
- Freshly laundered suits
- Spotting real characters within the D.C. Metro system
- TV-on-DVD marathons
- Laughing so hard I can’t breathe
- Phone calls with my mom
- Matrimonio margaritas from Alero
- Making collage cards
- Blogging (& learning that people read my blog)
- Eating at Rockne’s as much as possible when home
- Living in Cleveland Park surrounded by families & tourists & great restaurants
- Listing all the things I love

Your turn: What do YOU love? And I know you read this, so pony up & comment already!

1 comment:

  1. - Iggie (the old teddy bear who's actaully a polar bear)
    - Smelling old books
    - Smiling so hard my cheeks hurt
    - Movies in a theater
    - Talking about Harry Potter
    - Good poetry, the kind that's best read aloud (see: Hafiz, Rumi)
    - Penn Station's french fries with malt vinegar
    - The view of Cincinnati from Hamilton-Mason Road
    - Traveling, anywhere, with people I love
    - Getting woken up from a deep sleep by a phone call from someone who matters
    - This wide, stretchy belt thing I have on that provides the illusion of an itty-bitty waist


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