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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Since I just moved into my very first very own apartment in Northwest D.C., I thought it fitting that the current issue of the Bible – errr, of Glamour – features “99 Home Ideas.” Now, please bear in mind that my home is actually a glorified dorm room, lacking a kitchen (it’s called a “bachelor studio,” thankyouverymuch) & any semblance of furniture, save a lonely dresser. Still, I thought I’d see how my new abode measures up to the rest of the country.

In “Your home: What’s normal, what’s not,” Glamour reports a few around-the-house statistics. Let’s see how I compare.

  • 36% of women say their biggest decorating splurge was their bed
    I’m sleeping on a ratty, circa 1970 twin mattress that’s been plopped in the corner of the room, prison-style. My comforter was purchased in the children’s aisle at Target, although my mother insists it’s “Asian-inspired.”

  • $456 – Average cost of rent, in dollars, for a single young woman
    Single? Check. Young? Check. Paying $456 a month? Hardly. This glorified dorm room is costing me a whopping $935 a month, which is almost triple what I paid to live in a two-story, five-bedroom townhouse in good old Kent, Ohio.

  • 85% of women say they clean their home once a week or more
    I’ve only been here for a week, so it’s difficult to tell whether I’ll fall into this category of Bree Hodge Wannabes, but let’s be honest – it’s exceptionally unlikely. Unless, of course, swiping a couple Clorox pads across the bathroom floor qualifies as “cleaning.” Somehow, I doubt it does.

  • 31% of women say most of their furnishings are hand-me-downs
    Finally, a category I can align myself with! Both my aforementioned mattress & my tiny white dresser are from my childhood bedroom. My rickety desk, however, is from CVS, & I’m pretty sure I assembled in incorrectly. Or maybe desks from CVS are intended to be rickety. Maybe both, but definitely the latter. Either way, it'd probably be better off being a hand-me-down -- at least they have character.

  • 35% of women younger than 45 own their own home
    Based on the last four statistics, I think it’s safe to say that there’s no way in hell I’m coming anywhere close to this one.


Gavin Jackson said...

Vandalizing my blog are you!

Meranda said...

lol. My rent is $465/month. For the entire second floor of an old house. This is the difference between living in a major metro area and living in a county that has 150,000 total. ;) But it's a nice city, and close to both Indy and Chicago so I don't mind.

As for cleaning every week? Well... I think "I should clean my apartment" every weekend. But I don't quite get around to it that much.

As for hand-me-downs, sadly, none of my furniture from home made the move with me. I bought a few chairs off craigslist, but other than that I bought what I have new. (But I bought my comforter from the teen section of Wal-mart.)

And as for buying a house? Whoa. I'm not planning to be in any one place long enough for that to pay off for at least a decade. :p

I should go buy Glamour. Now I want to read that story. Wonder if it's online. Hmm.

Staschwa said...

Haha faaantastic.
Of course a single girl is going to live in a glorified bachelor pad! What would a bachelorette pad be? Full of pink? That would be Pepto-Bismaltastic! haha

Jaclyn said...

Who the heck did they interview for that story??? Who pays under $500 for rent??? I live in Corn Town, USA, and mine is $525, a bargain for my one-bedroom with actual kitchen that's not falling apart. Granted, my doors are made of balsa wood, but it would never be confused with a dorm room. I'm sayin' Glamour has a type-o.

I only fit one of their "results," too: The hand-me-down one. The best one: my couch. It's from my nani. I have a photo of me and my cousins on it when I was about 6 or 7. Fabulousness.

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