Monday, October 3, 2011

In Vegas, I...

Rode a bull.
Led my friends into a country western bar.
Drank tequila from a neon skull.
Wore sequins. Twice.
Threw up while brushing my teeth.
Learned that there's no Chipotle in Canada.
Dropped way too many duckets at Sephora.
Didn't even bother to compete with these girls. (How cute are my friends?!)
Got locked out of my hotel floor & walked 22 flights of stairs.
Wore a bathing suit in public for the first time in ever.
Drank about a gallon of strawberry margarita. In a swimming pool.
Failed to drink enough margarita to reach the gummy worms on the bottom.
Saw Penn & Teller live.
Ate the best crepe of my life (basil, prosciutto, mozz) in Paris.
Woke up with unexplained scratches all over my arm.
Played $10 in a penny slot & cashed out at $10.44. BIG WIN!
Began to believe in the magic of dry heat.
Missed the last Bellagio fountain show of the night by minutes.
Saw a man carrying an unironic boombox.

Rode in a funicular.
Only lost my camera once.
Sat on really velvety seats in a really short dress. I HATE VELVET.
Did the robot with a robot.
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