50 Things I've Done

Friday, October 28, 2011

Earlier this week I posted my "Never Have I Ever" list, so it only makes sense that this one would come next. I swear I'm not just phoning in my blog posts these days - but I thought these lists were so much fun to create, & they really helped me take a look at (and appreciate!) all the cool things I've done. Yes, 50 things might be a lot to list, but once I started, I couldn't edit myself; no, I don't expect you to read them all. So tell me: What cool things have you done?
In my 27 years, I have:

  1. Had a stripper at my house
    When I turned 19, my college & high school friends collaborated to bring a cop stripper... to my mom's home. It was horrific.

  2. Worn a back brace
    I told you about this. It was a low point. My cousins called me Quasi, as in 'modo.

  3. Purchased a car
    After a decade of  relying on my mom to help me with vehicles,
    I bought a Honda Civic in March. Oh, car payments, welcome.

  4. Quit a job
    In May 2010, I left a job I loved. In September 2010, I left the job I replaced it with. Both totally scary.

  5. Climbed Masada at dawn
    This happened. And it was beautiful. And I didn't even have an asthma attack.

  6. Written my member of Congress
    I do this on the regular, & you should, too!

  7. Parasailed
    The closest I've ever felt to nature or God or my father or any of those spiritual things.

  8. Survived swine flu
    I didn't have quite the thrilling experience with it that Emily did, but I made it out alive!

  9. Won a spelling bee
    I was the top speller in a middle school bee - and came in second in the city bee when I choked on the word "stucko." Errr, "stucco."

  10. Been published
    A short memoir I wrote was included in an anthology called Living Jewishly: A Snapshot of a Generation, being published in Academic Studies Press' series, Jewish Identity in Post ModernSociety.

  11. Adopted a shelter animalI got a cat! Of my own! OK, he's Nathan's too, but I love him most.

  12. Given a eulogy
    I've given three, actually. I hope you've never given any.

  13. Been on reality TV
    Remember that time I was on "Top Chef" talking about root beer & meat?

  14. Had a psychic reading
    This has happened a few times, but the one that got to me the most was actually done for free at a college fair my senior year.

  15. Drank from an ice luge
    I went to Ohio University, rated America's No. 1 party school. Need I say more?

  16. Seen a bear
    Black bears often make nighttime dumpster appearances at the Pennsylvania hunting cabin where my uncles are members.

  17. Marched in a parade
    My fellow dance class participants wore poodle skirt costumes in the local Fourth of July parade - and my dad drove a golf cart designed to look like a car from Grease! Oh, & then there was 2009's Gay Pride Parade - the sweatiest day of my life.

  18. Attended an IndyCar race
    My dad was a big racing fan. As a kid, I met racing legends Mario & Michael Andretti - in their trailer! They signed a neon pink hat for me.

  19. Had acupuncture
    I saw an acupuncturist for a few months when I first moved to Portsmouth. A miracle worker, truly!

  20. Danced to "Thriller"
    My high school show choir (a la Glee, but not as good) competed to Michael Jackson's famous Halloween anthem. I was a mummy.

  21. Ridden a camel
    I squealed throughout the whole thing. CAMELS ARE DROOLY.

  22. Modeled in a bridal show
    My old place of employment, a community center, hosted one, & I was stuck modeling a weird Christmasy dress.

  23. Eaten a deep-fried Oreo
    Hey, I'm from the Midwest.

  24. Sang a solo
    I had a one-stanza solo in Fiddler on the Roof as a high school senior. I wish it had been a real role, but I found hard for that spotlight, no matter how brief.

  25. Been interviewed for TV news
    As a very young kid, I appeared on the nightly news talking about the opening of a new wooden park in town. It was basically a castle.

  26. Gotten a group tattoo
    I got a four-leaf clover tattoo with a bunch of college friends before my 19th birthday. We're no longer friends. I am a genius.  

  27. Swam in the Dead Sea
    Turns out you don't need to the mud in order to float, but it sure is fun.

  28. Hosted foreign exchange students
    As a freshman & sophomore in high school, my mom & I hosted a boy from Peru & a girl from Venezuela. My brother & sister!

  29. Shaved my head
    I told you about this one. As a result, I have also...

  30. Appeared on ESPN
    As a top pick of the week, and...

  31. Been in the Guinness book of records
    So cool. Somehow, I never obtained a copy of it, though.

  32. Gotten into a bar fight
    Not my finest moment. We can forget I ever mentioned it, OK?

  33. Geocached
    Nathan & I have found a couple of caches, & we've failed to find a couple others. I want more!

  34. Flown with celebrities
    I sat behind Mila Kunis this spring & once hit Rep. Dennis Kucinich in the head with my luggage.

  35. Attended a presidential inauguration
    Being present for the 2009 inauguration of President Barack Obama was one of the most exciting events of my life.

  36. Appeared on Casey Kasem
    At age 10, I wrote the famous radio DJ a heartfelt letter requesting that he dedicate Mariah Carey's "Hero" to my recently father on air. And he did.

  37. Stalked a band
    A friend & I rode our bikes to the Sheraton, where the Backstreet Boys were staying, so we could drop off our fanmail & potentially catch a peek.

  38. Performed at karaoke night
    My favorite song to sing is the Dixie Chicks' "Sin Wagon." Preferably with enough other people participating to drown me out.

  39. Thrown a party with beer in the bathtub
    This was a along-held goal of mine, accomplished during my college years when a friend hosted a hotel party for New Year's Eve.

  40. Won a coloring contest
    My little Jewish self received a $100 gift certificate to Michael's craft stores by winning an Easter coloring contest.

  41. Shot a living animal
    I killed a porcupine with a .22. And then I cried.

  42. Been dolphin-watching
    My mom & a friend & I did this in Hilton Head. Though I'm usually terrified of boats, it was worth the fear to see dolphins out in the wild.

  43. Pierced my nose

  44. Ridden in the Goodyear blimp
    I wish I could've appreciated this when it happened. I was about 8 & spent the whole time pouting.

  45. Given a commencement address
    I was one of two students to speak at my high school's graduation ceremony when a panel chose my submitted speech.

  46. Been to the White House
    My parents & I toured 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue during a '90s visit to DC. You may recall that a few years ago, I was not so lucky.

  47. Toured a Coast Guard ship
    My boyfriend has a pretty snazzy job.

  48. Been on the receiving end of a surprise party
    My mom threw me a surprise party at Pizza Hut before my 1996 back surgery. Pizza! Friends! Scoliosis!

  49. Attended a drag race
    At the District's Annual High Heel Drag Race, I had my photo taken with one of the Fanta, er, ladies!

  50. Attended the Radio Music Awards
    During my first trip to Vegas, my friend's mom secured us tickets to be seat-fillers at the RMAs. Snoop Dogg dressed as Santa? Why of course.
Inspired by Amy again

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