Saturday, May 17, 2008

Beverage Wars

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority has some pretty strict rules about eating & drinking on the district's mostly-very-clean Metro traincars. Rumor has it that a 13-year-old girl was once fined $300 for drinking a Diet Coke on her way home from school.

Yesterday, I stopped to purchase a grande skim iced Chai latte on my way into work (late). Usually I hide such beverage luxuries in my purse during my train ride, but this particular day. I'd decided I didn't much care, & sipped my drink within eyeshot of the viewing public. The cranky old bastard behind me was quick to chime in:

Him: "You know you're not supposed to have that on here."
Me (not turning around to look at him): "Yep."
Him: "Oh, but you're special."
Me: "OK."
Him: "Just don't spill that."
Me: "I wasn't planning to."
Him: "I'm serious, don't spill it."

I wonder how Mr. Citizen's Arrest would've reacted to the sight I witnessed later that evening during my redline trip to Rockville:

Make no mistake, there's still about a centimeter of MGD left in the bottom of that bottle. Classy!
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