Jerks Like Art, Too

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tonight Joanna, Jessie & I ventured on over to the National Cathedral to check out Light to Unite, described as "dramatic & unifying images projected on the Cathedral." I expected it to be, as I later told the girls, "Chihuly in light," something like the advertisements, invitations & computer wallpaper suggest. Something like this:

Instead, we watched the smiling faces of random folks pass across the Cathedral in slideshow fashion -- everyday people resembling those portrayed in Noxema ads. Oh, and the Dalai Lama. Needless to say, it was not exactly the dynamo I'd hoped for.

On the upside, we overheard a super-awkward spat that went as follows:

Passive/Aggressive Woman Behind Us: "I can't believe this. People are so rude! We waited three hours for these seats & people are just standing in front of our chairs."
Guy Standing In Front Of Her: "Yeah? How much did you guys pay for these seats?" (turns & leaves)
Not-So-Passive/Just-Aggressive Hubby: "Oh, THAT was a really nice thing to say! EL JERKO!"

It was a lovely interaction to witness at an art exhibit designed to bring people together and, you know, unite. Regardless, "el jerko" is one of the cooler insults I've heard as of late, don't you think?

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