City of Two Seasons: Tourist Season & The Rest of The Year

Monday, May 26, 2008

Next time I have to push my way past tourists at the Woodley Park Metro Station who don't feel the rules of escalator-standing apply to them, this is the conversation I hope to have:
Me: Excuse me. Can you stand to the right so people can pass on the left?
Huffy mother with three kids standing on the left: Excuuuuse YOU! Does it really make a difference?!
Me: It makes a difference if I miss my train.
Huffy mother, getting huffier: Well! Everyone's in such a HURRY!
Me: Enjoy your vacation, lady, but some people actually LIVE here.
Okay, so I have a confession: If you substitute "Me" in that imaginary conversation with "Girl who I walked down the Woodley Park escalator behind yesterday," then the conversation stops being imaginary and actually occured yesterday afternoon.

She's basically my hero.

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