8 Apps I Use Almost Every Day (& They're Not Just Social Media!)

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

I don't know why, but I always love hearing which apps other people use most often. It's sort of like the "What's In My Bag" of the digital world. The boring truth is that the apps I use most often are exactly the ones you'd expect: Gmail, Instagram, Google Maps, Spotify, etc. But beyond these old standbys, I thought I'd share which apps I'm most likely to be using at any given time.

How about you? What apps do you use most often? Anything I need to download ASAP?

What's your podcast listening app of choice? I know a lot of people use Stitcher and Apple Podcasts, but I've always really liked Overcast and have become deeply loyal to it for its extremely easy, user-friendly interface. I head over to Apple Podcasts to leave reviews (help your favorite pods!), but I never use it for listening.

I learned about this rewards app from Stephany Writes, and I quickly became addicted to it. Every time I receive a store receipt, I snap a quick photo and upload it to Fetch, which gives points based on what I've purchased. Is it tracking my buys? Yes. Do I mind? Honestly, it's worth it to earn points that I can redeem for gift cards to places like Amazon. (Sign up using code 4E9W73 for 1,000 bonus points to start.)

NYT Games
Anyone out there still playing Wordle? I (try to) play it every day, and I also love the mini crossword. I've gone back to do them all from the last two years! My real obsession, though, is Spelling Bee, which is sort of like Boggle but better. The days that I hit "Queen Bee" are the best days of my life, and I wish I were exaggerating. 

I'm still selling (and, much less often, buying) on this resale app, which I've written about for years. Right now, I'm selling a bunch of designer purses, and while I haven't seen the level of sales I'd hoped for, it's nice to have an outlet. It always feels great to make a sale and see that money hit the bank. (Sign up using code KATEKAPUT for a $10 credit.)

I do still go to my favorite store in person, but since the pandemic, I've done most of my Target shopping (for the basics, at least) using their app. Drive-up is just so easy, and then I'm sure not to spend money I didn't mean to spend!
Are you on board the AI train? My husband works in AI, so it's a hot topic of conversation in our home,  but 2023 has been a huge year for it! The app syncs your chat history across platforms, which is super helpful, and in general, I just love popping in to see what the robots have to say on any given topic. 

For my mental health, I don't currently own a scale, which means I'm automatically using Noom "wrong." But I actually really love using this weight loss app to help me better understand the nutritional value and caloric density of the foods I eat so that I can make smarter choices and ultimately feel better. (Sign up with my referral link to get two weeks free and 20% off.)

This helpful little app lets me know how bad the UV rays are on any given day and how likely I am, based on my skin tone and other factors, to get burned. If you're spending time outside, it can also give you alerts on when you need to reapply sunscreen. So helpful!

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