Small Goals for March 2023

Thursday, March 2, 2023

February is a short month, so I'm giving myself some grace on not hitting all my goals. Plus, there was a 70-degree weekend in there, and who has time to wallpaper a bedroom on a 70-degree weekend in February?! Not me, I'll tell you that much.

Here's a look at my February goals and how I did on them.

  1. Spend my FSA money. Done! I did this toward the end of the month and am looking forward to receiving what feels like a free (it isn't) package containing lip balms, sunscreen, an acupressure pillow, and a few other medically related goodies. I also realized I didn't sign up for an FSA this year. Womp.
  2. Complete some important paperwork. Done! I'm feeling super excited about what comes next, and I can't wait to write all about it (or some about it, anyway) when the time feels right. 
  3. Schedule physical therapy. Not done. My back has been feeling fine, so I opted out, but that was probably a dumb choice? The prescription is good for a few months, though, so I may yet do this, or at least take the opportunity to find a local spine health specialist.
  4. List purses and shoes online. Done! That said, as soon as I completed this goal, I received a bunch of other stuff to sell (woo!), and I haven't yet listed all of that... so despite my doing my diligence, this goal remains. 
  5. Finish wallpapering the guest room. Not done. This just seemed like too much work, and not all that fun, and I just... did not feel like it. Ha. I also don't think I bought enough wallpaper, so that's something I'll have to contend with here soon. 

It's hard to believe that it's March already (I think adulthood is just one giant loop of repeating this sort of phrase over and over and over), but here we are.

I feel like there are a million things I could've included on this month's goals list. I need to take more photos for something important I'm working on (me being cryptic again!), and I have a lot of interviews to conduct and deadlines to meet for freelance assignments. But I want to be sure these monthly goals don't turn into to-do lists, you know? They should be real goals, not just a list of shit I need to finish.

So here's what's on deck for my goals and me this month:

  1. Make plans for a day trip to Jamestown, NY. A friend reached out to me this month to ask if I'd want to meet her in upstate New York to visit the Lucille Ball Museum on Easter, so of course I said yes. Can't wait to figure out some details before we go!
  2. List purses and shoes online. As I mentioned above, I have a bunch of new-to-me stuff to list, so I'm going to try to get all of that done and out of the way, which will allow me to focus on actually trying to make sales. 
  3. Write in my journal 10 times. I miss private journaling, which I haven't done consistently for years. I do it every now and then, and then I forget for months at a time, so I don't have any consistent practice or routine.

  4. Start a new Mussar book. I'm about to finish a book about the Jewish practice of Mussar, which felt frankly life-changing. I can't wait to dig deeper, and I don't want to let too much time lapse between learning.
  5. Attend all of my personal training sessions. I signed up for group training sessions with one of my boxing coaches and three friends. Each Saturday, we meet for a personalized session and take-home work. I want to hold myself accountable to all of them this month.

  6. Try one of Ready Set's March specials. Bonus frivolous goal! This local coffee shop has the cutest monthly specials, and they're tasty, too. I want to get in this month to try one of their newest creations.   
What are your goals for this month? How did you do on February's goals, if you made any?

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