A Flower Bar, a Great Meal, a Used Bookstore (CLE Weekends, Pt. 6)

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Hey, hi, 'sup, etc. I haven't done one of these posts for a while, and surely I've experienced/checked out many more cool things since the last time I did... but hey, might as well round up and recommend a few good things, right?

As always, more of my adventures are captured in real-time (or realer-time, I suppose) over on Instagram. But here's a little bit more info on some of the things I've posted about and alluded to as of late, should you be looking for things to do in the CLE.

Coffee at Edda
I finally stopped into Edda, Ohio City's newest coffee shop. It's located in the brand new Intro building, which is truly a wonder to behold, and the coffee is really good (though I know basically nothing about coffee, so this is based on taste alone). It's a spacious with great lighting and lots of seating, plus sandwiches on bread from Leavened. Get the ham and brie!

DIY Bouquets at Blossom Flower Bar
Some friends and I signed up for a Galentine's Day event at Blossom Flower Bar, a Lakewood staple that recently moved into a new, more spacious location downtown. We sipped on BYOB booze while making our own flower bouquets... and luckily, someone else trimmed them and ultimately made them look nice in the vases we chose. I am committed to ensuring that my cat does not eat these beauties. 

Dinner at Bartleby
I met up with a few CLE influencers (@lostinlaurelland, @oliverstwistblog, @aimon.ali, @everyday.connor, and @camrynnicolem) for a luxe dinner at Bartleby in Ohio City, in the building that used to house Crop Bistro. I wrote about Bartleby for a recent issue of Cleveland Magazine, and it was a delicious and lovely, if expensive, evening out with friends. It's always so nice to hang out with people who also want to photograph everything.

Browsing the stacks at The Bookshop in Lakewood 
When I learned that The Bookshop in Lakewood was struggling due to transphobia, I asked friends and neighbors for book donations that I could take in. I ended up with store credit I didn't plan to use (after all, I wanted to help them make money!), but I did spend a bit of it on a few excellent finds, including a Jewish cookbook, a home repair guide, and Greta Thunberg's memoir. 

This bumper sticker has nothing to do with anything else, but I saw it, and it delighted me, so I thought I'd share. Personally, I would've gone with Jack Kelly over Patrick Bateman, but delightful nonetheless. 

What have you been up to lately? Been anywhere new? 

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