My New Obsession with Press-On Nails

Tuesday, January 24, 2023


I've always hated having my nails painted. It feels like they're suffocating! No one else in the history of the world seems to feel this way, but I have just never been able to deal with the feeling. On top of that, I'm bad at doing my own nails, and it's way too expensive to have anyone else do them with any regularity, so I've just never bothered.

Why I do not feel that press-on nails are suffocating my real nails is beyond me. If anything, they should feel worse than nail polish, right? Alas... I bought a set of press-ons two weeks ago, and I've been obsessed ever since.

I don't know what compelled me to try them in the first place. Tale as old as time, really: I fell for an end cap display at Target. They sell Olive + June products now, and for some reason, I just felt compelled. They were $10. Why not give them a try?

I bought the Outlined French design in "short squoval," and I put them on midday one afternoon when I wanted a little break from work. They were very easy to apply, just a little dab of glue on each nail and then 30 seconds of pressure to get the job done. I filed them down a bit to make it easier to do things like, you know, type and remove my contacts, but once they were slightly shorter, I was in love with them.

In my memories, press-on nails are janky and cheap. They look ugly, they don't stay on for more than 24 hours, and everyone can tell they're fake. But these? Not so. Press-on technology has come a long way, baby! 

My first set stayed on for about a week, and I swapped in new ones almost immediately. By that time, I'd already amassed multiple options, not just from Olive + June but also from imPRESS, which costs even less. Those are technically stick-ons, but I added a dab of glue to keep them on for longer, and they worked just as well (if not better).

Now? Well, now I want to own and try every single kind of press-on nails, of course. It's like suddenly the world of nice nails is wide open to me, and I want to catch up immediately. I've got my eye on this set in Glitter Party Pink, but they only come in medium, and filing them down seems like a pain in the ass. Still, I might go for 'em.

I've added, like, two dozen sets to my Amazon wishlist. Hot Strawberry! Besties! OMG! How could you not want all of them? Should I get all of them? I want more glitter options. (Dear God, who am I?)

I haven't yet been to a boxing class while wearing them, and I'm a little nervous about whether they're hold up/stay on inside my boxing gloves. But I guess the worst that can happen is that one of them falls off and I just... glue it back on? Seems pretty low stakes.

So! That's me right now! Just obsessed with press-on nails like a girly-girl tween in 1997! And I am wholly unashamed. It's so fun to find something new and small and joyful. I highly recommend it.
What are you into right now? And are you a fun-nails person? 

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  1. I love matching my nail color to my outfits. I do not do it as often as I would like but when everything matches (jewelry, outfit, nails) my heart skips a beat.
    Did you know that regular nail polish was invented by using car paint and just filling it up in small bottles? Since the 50s nothing really was invented here so I am not surprised you feel like your nails are suffocating. In recent years quite a few companies started trying to work out healthier formulas. Some are really fun but the longevity is not always great.


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