What I'm Looking Forward to for the Rest of the Summer

Friday, July 9, 2021

One of my favorite things about summer (not the heat) is looking forward to all the adventures on my calendar. That wasn't a part of summer 2020, for me, as we didn't go anywhere, for the most part. We ate on a patio once or twice, but even that felt fraught. It was a summer of fear & indoorsiness.

But #vaxxedgirlsummer is here! I'm not yet fully vaccinated, but I'm one shot down & still hopefully riding some antibodies, so I feel relatively safe. I'm still not ready to hop on a plane or head to a crowded concert, but I finally feel ready to hit up some events & spend time with friends & family.

Here are some of the things I've looking forward to for the rest of the summer. How about you?

The Hunting Lodge

Every summer, my extended family heads to a cabin in the woods of Pennsylvania. This is chosen family; my "uncles" are actually my dad's best friends, & my "cousins" are their kids, now grown. I feel lucky that they still invite me to join them & their friends for this annual week/end away – & this year, I'll get to meet two of my cousins' kids, baby Wilder & now-toddler Ignacio. Can't wait to drink & grill & eat & chill.

The Summer Market

I loooove a good market, so I'm excited to attend The Summer Market in Lorain, held this year on June 23 & 24. The Summer Market is Ohio's first open-air market, supporting a collective group of artists, makers, vintage collectors, shops, & restaurants. And this year will mark its 16th anniversary! Check out this list of 2021 vendors for old faves & new faces. See you there? We're going to head out there on our way to this next spot...

The Lakehouse

My mom & I are splitting a rental again this summer on her friend's floating house on Lake Erie. We have it every other week for the entire year, & although Mike & I haven't been for a while, we're planning to spend at least three weekends there this summer, starting in July. It's super relaxing, isolated from the general touristy public, & near lots of cute, nautical restaurants, bars, & shops for the times when we do feel like venturing out. 

A Baseball Game

Mike & I try to go to games when we can, though we don't always want to spend the money. His parents are partial season ticket-holders, though, & they've given us their tickets for a game while they're out of town. I confess that I am primarily excited about sitting outside in team gear while drinking beer & eating my favorite absurd hot dog, available at the Happy Dog kiosk at Progressive Field. (Yes, those are Froot Loops.)

What are you looking forward to for the rest of the summer? And how the hell is it already the middle of July?! 

Disclaimer: I am a partner in this year's Summer Market & have been asked to help promote the event, in exchange for compensation in the form of complimentary parking & shopping credit. As always, though, all views (& enthusiasm) are my own! 

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