The Best Things I Bought in 2020

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

What are the best things you bought in 2020? In June, I wrote about the best things I'd bought during the pandemic up until that point, & all of those purchases still stand as good ones. Inspired by fellow bloggers like Shibani & Samthough, I thought I'd also do an overall wrap-up of some of my favorite things I bought throughout the year. 

I'm only including five things here – the best of the best, the things I keep going back to, the ones that are reaaaally giving me my money's worth. Without further ado...

Peloton Bike

In the spring, I sprung for a home spinning bike from my cycling studio & soon upgraded to a Peloton because I wanted to compete on the leaderboard. Yes, it's quite the expense, but without gym fees & now that I've paid off my car, it has fortunately feasible. I miss riding in studio, but I love the Peloton classes & being able to ride any time. Thinking of buying one? Hit me up for a $100 referral credit.

Land's End Suede Shearling Slippers

The exact style of slippers I bought this fall is no longer in stock, so I'm linking to the L.L. Bean version, which is almost exactly the same – so cozy, so warm, so comfortable. They were on the pricier side, but I scored them for half off & have worn them literally every day since. I bought Mike a men's pair, too, to trick him into taking his shoes off at the door. 

Foxybae 25mm Curling Wand

This is a truly ridiculous brand name, I know, & I likely would never have opted into it on my own, but this curling wand came in a FabFitFun box, & I am obsessed. It's so good! It's so powerful! It works so well & makes my hair look so good! I've never really curled my hair before, & now I kind of want to do it alllll the time. 

Land's End Insulated Duck Boots

I've long wanted duck boots, & I am thrilled with this purchase. I bought them on sale, which makes them even better! They're perfect for the dreary grey weather of Cleveland winters, & they have pretty good sole traction, too. I recently looked at a pic of myself pre-pandemic, wearing cute booties that I realized I haven't even taken out of the closet this year... 

lululemon Align Joggers

This was actually an accidental purchase; I thought I was buying leggings! When they arrived, I considered returning them... until I realized how much I love them. They're comfy & roomy & stretchy but don't attract cat hair. Priorities, OK? If you order them, may I suggest doing so from Harness Cycle? They're the same product, but you'll also support a local business. 

What are the best things you bought in 2020? What do you have your eye on in 2021?

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