10 Ways to Get to Work Electing Joe & Kamala

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Why, yes, I did put on lipstick for this week's Kamala Harris announcement! What are you doing today to help elect the Biden/Harris ticket? Here are some ideas:⁣

⁣1. Register to vote.

In Ohio, the deadline to register to vote is Monday, October 5, 2020, but this year in particular, it would be prudent to register ASAP so that everything goes smoothly! Visit vote.gov to get started. ⁣

2. Check your registration.

If you’re already registered, check your voter registration to be sure you haven’t been purged from the voter rolls. Visit nass.org/can-i-vote to begin., & if you're somehow no longer registered, refer back to step one.

3. Request your absentee ballot.

The deadline to request a ballot by mail is Saturday, October 31, 2020, but don't wait that long! Request your ballot now so it's sure to reach you in time. Then, come election time, you can either send your ballot in by mail or drop off your paper ballot at the Board of Elections.  

Here's how to request your ballot if you live in Cuyahoga County. Need a hand figuring out how to do this where you live? I’d love to help!)

4. Volunteer with the campaign.

Check out the Action Center at JoeBiden.com to sign up to send texts, make calls, host or attend a virtual event, make calls, & organize friends. Whatever works best for your skills, interests, & abilities, there's a volunteer opportunity for you.

5. Volunteer with local civic engagement efforts. 

Check your local Facebook groups to find others in your area who are working on civic engagement on a local level. If you live in Cleveland & need help getting connected, shoot me an email or DM me on Instagram.

6. Volunteer with an organization doing outreach.

Lots of groups are mobilizing voters to write postcards and/or make phone calls to register low-propensity voters to help them figure out how to vote during this strange pandemic year. (I recommend Reclaim Our Vote or, if you’re Jewish, the Religious Action Center.)⁣

7. Make a donation.

Donate to the Biden/Harris campaign, to a local Democratic campaign, and/or to organizations with boots on the ground.⁣

8. Show your support.

Put a Biden/Harris campaign sign in your yard or window - especially if you live in a highly trafficked area.⁣

9. Speak directly to your customers.

If you own a business, make voter registration info & absentee ballot info available to your customers - online, in your physical space, with fliers in takeout orders, etc. ⁣

10. Spread the word.

Share this info with friends, family, & followers in any other way you see fit.⁣

Other suggestions? Share them in the comments & let’s get to work!

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