Things I Love Right Now (V. XIII)

Monday, June 14, 2021

I tend to think I do these "things I love right now" posts all the time, but every time I go to write one, it turns out it's been, like, an entire year. And I open with a variation on that same sentence every single time. I'm nothing if not consistent in my inconsistency! 

Anyway, this last year has been too weird for me to tell you all the things I've loved lately, but here's what's rising to the top at this moment in time. Howwww 'bout you?

1. Rothy’s “The Lace Up”
After a year of no real need for shoes, I enthusiastically used a Rothy’s credit to purchase a pair of their newest style, The Lace Up, in a very bright white. They’re fully washable, which means they can stay bright white, & which also means I can wear them without socks & they won’t get gross. I’m obsessed with them.

The podcasts I listen to fall into two categories: Bachelor Nation & true crime. It's exciting, then, when I stumble upon a podcast I like that isn't related to either of those topics. Justin Long has some takes I don't love, but overall, he seems like an affable guy who hosts some truly great guests. 

After more than a decade of using my work computer as my personal computer, I switched jobs, switched work computers, & had to buy my own for everything else. Because I am uncreative AF & don't like change, I ordered the exact same laptop I'd had for my old job. And I love it.

4. Playa Every Day ShampooSupernatural Conditioner
I first tried this combo using a free sample from Sephora. Free samples never do it for me, but this one did. This shampoo/conditioner pairing makes my hair soft & tangle-free on day one & appropriately voluminous & not-too-nasty on day two (& sometimes three).

5. NYX Shout Loud Satin Lipstick in Day Club
This is my new favorite lipstick, even though it sort of reminds me of my grandmother, with its extremely coral hue. Grandma Jeanne (I used to write about her a lot) always wore coral lipstick, & I hated the color, but now I'm into it, & it feels weirdly comforting? 

I'm not great at writing on my own, for myself, so I ordered this book of writing prompts to give me a little bit of a boost. The prompts range from straightforward to the unusual, all offering me the space to be creative, be thoughtful, & put my memories & my imagination to paper. 

I have plenty of bags & definitely did not really need another, but when I read about this one, which is made of lightweight windbreaker material & folds up very tiny, I snapped it up quickly to fill the weekender gap in my existing collection. It's perfect for quick overnights.

Look, I feel bad about the cans, but I'm also trying to save money? Life is about balance. I guess I could just brew my own coffee. But I really, really love this canned cold brew from Costco, which got Mike & me through the pandemic. 

I watched some of this show a while ago, but apparently not as much of it as I thought? I’m now bingeing it on Netflix, & wow, is it funny. I don’t usually like comedies because I don’t think they’re funny, but this one has me laughing out loud. It doesn’t hurt that Jake Johnson is the sexiest man alive.

So tell me: What are you super-into right now? Leave me your best recs! 

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