I Do My Hair Toss... (Feelin' Good as Hell)

Monday, April 22, 2019

I used to have great hair.

No, really. I know that sounds sort of egotistical, but I had some seriously good hair for awhile there in college. It was silky & soft, & I got compliments on it all the time. I changed up my style with some regularity, & aside from a few bad bangs experiments (& that time I shaved my head in junior year), it always looked pretty darn good.

Wanna see?

God, that was the vainest thing I've ever done. Sorry.

Anyway, the older I get, the less great my hair has become.

Maybe it's product overuse throughout the years, or maybe it's Cleveland's water, or maybe it's just age, which can literally change hair's structure & texture. Whatever is it, I have been less-thrilled with my hair in the last couple of years than in alllll the years that came before it.

That said, I don't take great care of my hair, so perhaps I can't complain. I wash & condition, with occasional deep-conditioning treatments. I don't overwash; I use dry shampoo liberally. But I also don't get it cut often, nor do I color it regularly (as evidenced by my grey roots).

All this to say: My hair could use some TLC, & last week, it got it: in the form of a blowout from the new Bella Salon & Spa in Woodmere.

Formerly Spa 180, the new Bella Salon & Spa officially opens this week, with a grand re-opening event from 9am to 5-pm on Saturday, April 27, open to the public. There will be food! And prizes! And discounts!

I can't make it to the grand re-opening because I leave for NYC tomorrow, so they invited me in for a blowout ahead of time. I'd never gotten a just a blowout, but hey, can someone do my hair like this every day? It was freaking glorious.

Norman, my delightfully quirky stylist, chatted with me about what he'd do in terms of cut & color, were I to come back - which I just may. I've been to a few great hairstylists in the area & have liked all of them, but I don't have a go-to person right now, so I'm open to new options.

Bella Salon & Spa is located in an unassuming complex off Chagrin Blvd.; inside, it's a 3,000-square-foot space with 17 stylist chairs, manicure stations, & private pedicure & waxing rooms.

The owner, Gabriella, greeted me upon my arrival, then Sadie shampooed & conditioned my hair while we talked about her home state of Alabama (& why she likes Ohio better!) before I settled into Norman's chair. I looked like Cousin It during much of the process; I always forget that my hair is so long when it's straightened.

By the end, though, I felt like a new woman. I often dislike the way stylists do my hair because I feel too froufy or frilly, but Norman styled me just right - so that I felt pretty but not overdone. I promptly shored up a little photoshoot to capture my hair in all its Beckyness while it lasted.

The next night, I dreamed about getting extensions - yes, really. My hair is plenty long already, so there'll be no extensions for me, thanks, but clearly styling experience stuck with me. Ha.

It was nice to know that my hair can look this good because when you don't do much to it, well... you start to wonder, you know? I didn't know if my hair had it in it anymore to look like this! Now that I know it can, well, I must just start treating it a little better, after all.

Starting tomorrow, Bella Salon & Spa is open 9am-5pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, & from 9am-7pm on Saturdays. Call 216.292.3670 for appointments. 

Disclosure: Bella Salon & Spa offered me a complimentary blowout in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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