6 Small Goals for February

Monday, February 4, 2019

Mannn, January was brutal. From the stomach flu to a burst pipe to credit card theft to a knee injury to my car breaking down, I would not say that January 2019 was my all-time favorite month - & I'm sincerely hoping the universe will be a little better to me in February.

In keeping with this sentiment, let's get this out of the way: I bombed at my January goals. I could make excuses, but for the most part, I just lost sight of my goals entirely (or, in the case of my Harness goal, actually couldn't complete them because of my new injury). Herrrre we go:
  1. Search for a new therapist. No. Again no. I have come out of December's depressive episode, though, so frankly (& blessedly), this feels slightly less pressing than before.
  2. Color my hair. I didn't do this in January, but I did it on February, right before this post went live, so I'm counting it here.(It doesn't look great.)
  3. Clean out my car. Sort of. I threw away alllll kinds of crap that was piling up in there, which felt great - but I haven't yet vacuumed it or gotten it detailed, which is what I really want/need.
  4. Hit 92 Harness rides. This one actually isn't my fault. I was desperate to go to more classes & kept signing up then canceling when I re-realized, every time, that my knee wasn't yet ready. I finished up at 91, which is OK with me, but I'm desperate to get back. Eight to go until 100!
  5. Help my mom get rid of stuff. Completed! I had a nice, chill weekend at my mom's, & I helped her package up four boxes for Goodwill.
  6. Cook once a week. lol nope. I brought groceries with me to my solo writing retreat in Pennsylvania, though (more on that later) & brought an oven pizza. Does that count?
Honestly... I'm not in the mood to come up with February goals. I feel fairly unmotivated, if last month's lack of accomplishments tells you anything - but I guess that's the time when we need goals most, right? Woof.
  1. Heal. The doctor told me to stay off my knee, even though it's technically weight-bearing, because I was making it worse by walking on it. Now I'm going to try to do all the right things: rest, ice, elevate, etc. Fingers crossed.
  2. Complete a modified no-spend month. This is an effort to spend less, save more, & eat better. I'll still buy my weekday lattes (sometimes the only way I get out of the house) & will still spend money on experiences, like a few drinks or meals with friends/for date night. What I won't do is buy anything frivolous: clothes or makeup, random Target trips, food delivery, etc.
  3. Sort out my medications. I've been having some issues with the medicine my neurologist prescribed me for my sleep disorder. I'd like to get it on the right track so I can move forward.
  4. Take down the Christmas tree. Yep, it's still up. I'm embarrassed to say that here, so it had better be down by March!
  5. Eat better. Like, seriously, seriously, I have to eat better. I'm inspired by everyone who's doing Whole30, Keto, etc., in the new year, & I've got to find something that works for me.
  6. Get my airbags replaced. My car's airbags were recalled, & I can get them replaced for free if I reach out to a dealership. This is important - & dangerous - so I need to make it a priority. 
Tell me: What are your February goals? How did you do in January? 

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