A Little 2018 Holiday Wishlist

Monday, November 26, 2018

Whoa, whoa, whoa, it's holiday season already? Mike & I got home from our Thanksgiving trip yesterday, & we're going to put up our Christmas tree this week - & Hanukkah begins next week.

My family actually does our holiday gift exchange over Thanksgiving because we don't spend the December holidays together, so I don't have much going on on the gift front - but who doesn't like to dream up wishlists, anyway?

And listen: I'm a grown-ass lady. Maybe I'll buy my own gifts!
  1. Women in History print by Lady Noel
    I've long been wanting to own a print by local artist Lauren Mckenzie Noel, whose work is bright, colorful, & female-centric. How great is this print ($42) of powerful & impactful women throughout history?
  1. Boho Babe Sea Salt Spray from Revival Body Care
    In October, I bought a bottle of this incredible sea salt spray ($14.95), made by a local beauty brand, & now I know I'll never be without it. It's hands-down the best of its kind.
  2. Speed-Up Tight from Lululemon
    OK, lemme just be real for a sec: I don't own any Lululemon leggings ($108), ostensibly because I am too plus-sized for them, but they do come in my size, & I kind of want to see what all the fuss is about. Come on, can you blame me?
  3. Macrame Earrings in Mustard Yellow by Terra Blue
    My social media friend Morgan turned her longtime craft habit into a bonafide business selling macramé earrings ($17) & teaching macramé workshops in her city (which is sadly not my city). How gorgeous is this statement pair?
  4. Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask from Amazon
    I asked for a similar gift last year & received it & loved it, but it had one fatal flaw: no bluetooth. I kept getting tangled up in the headphones part of it as I slept, often losing my phone in my be. This version ($24.99) would clear up that little problem.
  5. Balm Dot Com Trio from Glossier
    I looooove the Glossier balm dot com lip balms  ($30 for three), especially in the coconut & cherry flavors. In fact, they're the first lip glosses I can remembering running out of rather than losing. I keep close track of them because I love them so much!
  6. Retreat Backpack from Herschel Supply Co.
    I have one backpack I love, a Puma that I use to travel - but it looks a little bit too athletic for me to want to use it as an everyday bag. I'd love to find a backpack like this one - or, you know, this exact one ($79.99) - to use as a computer bag & for on the go.
  7. Stainless Steel Watch Band in Gold from Edmond & Co.
    I'm not wedded to any particular gold-toned watch band, but I found this one ($34.99), & it seems nice enough, in my kind of style, so why not? My mother-in-law very kindly gifted me her old Apple Watch when she upgraded, & I'm obsessed.
  8. Blood Orange Soy Candle from AromaSoy
    I was gifted one of these candles earlier this year, & I burned through it in no time because it smelled so darn good. I've since purchased a few other scents, but I think this one ($16) was my fave - & I'm currently all out, so it's time for a restock!
  9. Harry Potter Golden Snitch Clock from PBTeen
    I am so in love with this snitch clock. lIKE, I've been wanting this thing ($39) forever - since it came out. Should I just buy it for myself, at this point? Yes, probably. And... wait, OK, maybe I will.
  10. The Petite Coventry Bag in Hazelnut
     by FOUNT
    This beautiful hazelnut-toned leather bag handmade by a local leather goods boutique is my dream gift. I've been saving up for it in my TipYourself app, giving myself $5 each time I work out so that I can eventually buy this bag for myself as a reward. ($240)

What's on your holiday wishlist this year? 

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