6 Small Goals for September

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

And just like that, it's September! Cue the Amy Grant: "Oh, how the years go by..." (Tell me I wasn't the only one who looooved AG back in the day?)

Gotta be honest. I did a decent-but-not-great job of my August goals:
  1. Get my car fixed. Much to my surprise, I finished this one. Given that I had "clean out my car" on my to-do list for months (& still haven't done it), I had a feeling I wouldn't do this - but I took my car to a local auto body place on a whim one Tuesday, & it was fixed within an hour.
  2. Finish the #HarnesstheSummer challenge. I finished this, & it was the best & proudest feeling ever. Seriously, I couldn't be happier with myself for making this happen. I did it!
  3. Seriously curb my spending. I did a pretty good job of this one during the first half of August, then I did terribly at it during the second half - & I never did focus on a designated "no-spend week." Ummm, consider this one ongoing.
  4. Make some doctors appointments. In August, I met with a pulmonologist, a neurologist, & an allergist. I had a sinus CT, various breathing tests, & a slew of allergic tests, & I have other things scheduled, including a sleep test. I think it's safe to say that I'm rockin' this goal - & my body thanks me for it!
  5. Plan my upcoming webinars. This is still slow going, so I'll have to crack down in September. Ughhh, the procrastination is killing me!
  6. Start the Cleveland Brewery Passport. I finally grabbed one of these while at Great Lakes Brewing Co. for our friend Darren's birthday, & I have four stamps right now. Hoping to step it up this fall!
For whatever reason, I had a surprisingly hard time coning up with my September goals. That's not to say I have nothing to work on - I certainly do! - but everything felt kind of "meh" to me in the goals department, like, "I'll work on that later," or "I've listed that as a goal in the past & then failed at it." You'll see one repeat goal here because it's time to get this ish done.
  1. Swear less. Lately I've been feeling like I swear more than the average bear. I don't know when or why it happened, but I am definitely a parental-warning kind of communicator, & I think it's time I tried not to be. I'm considering getting a bunch of quarters & putting them into a jar, or something, each time I swear - & then giving whatever's in there to a charity I don't agree with. That should motivate me to tone it down! 
  2. Give my car some TLC. My mom sent me an article that says my car is a model that will run, like, forever if taken care of - & I haven't exactly done that. My little 2010 Mazda 6 has less than 70k miles on her, though, so I need to. She could last for infinity! I want to clean her out, get her vacuumed & maybe detailed, & at least get an oil change. 
  3. Do something meaningful during the Days of Awe. The 10 days between Rosh HaShanah & Yom Kippur are known as the Yamim Noraim, the Days of Awe, & they're intended for self-reflection & repentance. During this time, I'd like to complete the 10Q project & at least begin the #10Days10Ways racial justice project from Temple Israel of Boston. (These are both open to people who aren't Jewish, too, if you're interested.)
  4. Change my name with my banks. I said I wasn't going to add this to my official goals list anymore because I keep putting it off, but it needs to be here precisely because I keep putting it off. This has to happen before the end of the year. Why not do it now?
  5. Make the most of my upcoming work conference. I'm headed to the Women in Digital conference in Columbus, & I'm a little nervous about that I don't know anyone else in attendance. I want to do my best to attend a bunch of sessions, learn as much as I can, & maybe even network a little (which is way outside my usual comfort zone). 
  6. Make a Goodwill run. Or a thrift run, or whatever, really. I've got a few boxes of things that need to go, period; I'm sick of looking at them! Bonus: Doing this will help me achieve #2, too, as a few of the boxes are currently taking up space in my trunk. 
What are your September goals? 

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