The Happy List: Do You Have One?

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

While listening to a recent episode of the Girl Be Free podcast all about putting your needs first, I was struck by the simple suggestion of creating a go-to list of things that make you (me) happy. I've done it before, like when I was using Moorea Seal's 52 Lists for Happiness, but it's been a long while.

Spring is a season of renewal & joy, & it seems like exactly the right time to document all the things that make me happy - just so I can look back at it on days when I'm feeling stuck or down. Here goes:
  1. Reading a good book
  2. Having a clean, relaxing apartment
  3. Watching medical & crime dramas
  4. Exploring my city & the areas around it
  5. Reading magazines - the old-fashioned paper kind
  6. Looking at my wedding photos
  7. Petting/cuddling with my cats
  8. Traveling & planning my upcoming travel
  9. Seeing flowers in bloom
  10. Drinking an iced coffee made just the way I like it
  11. Being out in nature (but not around spiders)
  12. Healthy, inexpensive meals from my favorite restaurants, like Corner 11 & Boaz Cafe 
  13. Taking a midday nap
  14. Meeting friends for weekday trivia
  15. Taking a long, unhurried shower 
  16. Cleaning (if I'm in the mood for it)
  17. Snuggling up under a bunch of covers
  18. Reading in an Epsom salt bath 
  19. Going to the Cleveland Flea & other local events
  20. Listening to early-2000s emo music
  21. Going to the theater
  22. Getting in a good laugh
  23. Going out with friends on the weekends
  24. Going on date nights with Mike
  25. Writing blog posts
  26. Spending time with my mom
  27. Listening to a good podcast
  28. Going to bars to watch Cavs games
  29. Working on the patio at my favorite coffee shop
  30. Going to my favorite vacay spots in PA & SC
  31. People-watching in busy places
  32. Going to the movies or out to eat alone
  33. Watching new episodes of my favorite shows
  34. Catching a quick happy hour with a friend
  35. Spending time with my super-wacky family
  36. Making other people laugh
  37. Writing snail mail to friends
  38. Visiting my hometown
  39. Taking spontaneous road trips
  40. Finding a good deal 
  41. Putting together care packages for others
  42. Talking to strangers (usually)
  43. Wandering aimlessly around Target or Kohl's
  44. Reading in Lincoln Park
  45. Reminiscing/getting nostalgic with friends
  46. Wearing a brand-new outfit or article of clothing
  47. Sleeping in on the weekends
  48. Petting other people's dogs
  49. Getting subscription boxes in the mail
  50. Spending time in airports (but not for delays!)
Tell me: What's on your happy list? 

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