"The Bachelorette" Is Back! Tune Into These Podcasts About It

Monday, May 28, 2018

Now that I've officially admitted to this blog that I'm a big fan of the Bachelor franchise, I might as well go all in, right? Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette begins tonight, & while I won't be able to tune in from Costa Rica, I'm still really jazzed about the new season - mostly because it provides new fodder for a few of my favorite podcasts.

Yes, I listen to Bachelor podcasts - even during the off-season. They're more fun, though, when the shows are airing. Now that I'm fully immersed in Bachelor Nation & Bachelor culture, I'm looking forward to a full season of both the show and the hilarious & surprisingly insightful podcast recaps that accompany it.

Here to Make Friends

Is a feminist Bachelor podcast possible? Absolutely - just ask Emma Gray & Claire Fallon, hosts of the weekly recap podcast that doesn't shy away from difficult issues & feminist takes. In fact, at the end of each podcast episode, they rank the recent episode of The Bachelor(ette)'s "Feminism Fails" on a scale of "Not cool, bro," to "Feminism is dead." But you'll find no feminist killjoys here. These ladies are just as funny & entertaining as they are smart, & they get some great interviews from Bachelor Nation.

2 Black Girls, 1 Rose

I discovered this podcast after Arie's season ended, but I was so enamored of it that I went back & listened anyway. Self-described as "two black-ass girls invade the whitest show on Earth," hosts Natasha & Justine engage in good-natured & truly hysterical ribbing of the show's contestants - & though they clearly loathed last season's lead, they never go more negative than is hilarious, which I appreciate. This podcast has me laughing out loud at points, & I can't wait to see how they tackle Becca's season.

Bachelor Party

I consider this to be the quintessential Bachelor(ette) podcast, though it's admittedly not my first listen of the week. Host Juliet Litman is the ultimate Bachelor Nation fangirl, & she usually scores the best interviews - like her crush, Ben Higgins, notable douchebag Nick Viall, & folks who've worked on the show. Even Chris Harrison! I wish Juliet would be a little more critical - or at least more critique-focused - but there's something endearing about her unabashed love & unwillingness to say anything even slightly negative about the franchise.

The Ben & Ashley I. Almost Famous Podcast 

Apparently this podcast exists during the Bachelor(ette)'s off-season, but I'm only in it for the good stuff - recaps & behind-the-scenes insight from these two show alums. If you've previously been annoyed with Ashley "Crying Girl" Iaconetti in previous iterations of Bachelor shows, fear not; she's way more tolerable - & even surprisingly insightful - on this show, & her friendship with former Bachelor Ben Higgins makes it all the more enjoyable a listen.

Will You Accept This Podcast? 

I'm new to this podcast, as in, I only started listening after Arie's season ended, but I'm excited to have found it so I can listen to it the whole way through Becca's season. Hosts Leslie & Lara are sisters, so this podcast feels very much like you're sitting in on a low-key brunch conversation. It's not the funniest, the most insightful, or the most feminist of the bunch, & to my knowledge, they don't bring on guest stars, but given that most of my real-life friends aren't Bachelor fans, I like the idea of just listening to a regular old chat between friends about the show.

Are you a Bachelor fan? Do you listen to any guilty pleasure podcasts? Please tell me I'm not alone in this! 

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