Cleveland is Getting its First Cat Cafe!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Something very exciting is happening: A cat cafe is coming to Cleveland! In my neighborhood! Practically on my street! I literally cannot overstate how excited I am about this news.

I first learned about affoGATO Cafe (cleverest name ever, right?!) on Instagram account. Upon discovering them, I immediately tweeted my excitement at realizing that their location is suuuuper convenient for my cat-loving, work-from-home self.

A local reporter sent me a DM asking for more info, which led to her contacting the affoGATO folks for an article on Exciting, right?! Kind of cool to be able to accidentally be the one to give a local reporter a hot tip on an upcoming business.

Last week, I grabbed coffee with Mandy & Eddie, the co-owners of affoGATO, to chat about what they have planned for the cafe. Now, Helo & Dora would like to help answer your questions about affoGATO Cat Cafe & how to visit (& even adopt!) the kitties who will soon live there.

"Where will affoGATO Cat Cafe be?"

They're moving to 761 Starkweather Ave. in Tremont, a spot soon to be vacated by Lilly Chocolates, which is relocating to the Old Brooklyn neighborhood. Look, I like chocolates - but I like cats a lot more. (Give Lilly some love at their new spot, 2032 W. Schaaf Road).

"When does it open?"

affoGATO moves in to the space on June 1st to start getting the place in tip-top, cat-ready shape. There are a lot of rules & regulations to sort through - layout, health department, security, etc. - but if all goes well, affoGATO should open sometime in July.

"What about the cats?"

affoGATO has secured a partnership with the Cleveland Animal Protective League, also located here in Tremont. (Mike & I adopted Dora from them.) Aside from a few "house cats" who will live permanently within the cafe, all cats on the premises will be available for adoption, should you fall in love with a kitty while you're visiting - & they hope you will!

"How can I help?"

The affoGATO folks are running a GoFundMe until June 16th to raise some of the money to get their construction & logistics efforts underway. They're offering lots of "purrrks" to those who donate, from $10 all the way up to the $1500 "purr-emium" level. Here are just a few:
  • $10: Make your reservations before they're open to the general public
  • $15: Above, plus an affoGATO vinyl sticker
  • $30: Above, plus an open house early-access tour & a free coffee
  • $50: Above, plus an "exclawsive," donors-only T-shirt
  • $75: Above, plus two free cafe reservations
  • $99: Above, plus a pair of "launch pawty" ticketsfor their opening event
  • $100 & up: The purrrks continue! Check 'em out & donate now. 


Get yourself to the Cleveland APL to pet (& adopt!) cats at any time. Or just be a little bit patient & wait until July so you can do it with coffee at affoGATO Cat Cafe. See you there! 

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