11 Things We're Gonna Do on Our Honeymoon in Costa Rica

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Mike & I celebrated six months of marriage on May 11th, & now, we're finally on our honeymoon, starting... today! Here's what we've got planned: 
  1. Relax by the beach. I'm admittedly not much of a beach-goer, but how can I go to Costa Rica & not spend time on the beach? We're staying right on the Pacific, & I am truly pumped to sit in little cabanas & on lounge chairs, enjoying the views. 
  2. Sit by the pool. I intentionally chose hotels based on how beautiful their pools are, though to my dismay, I couldn't find any place with an infinity pool (my vacation dream).
  3. Read a lot of books. I maxed out on the number of books I'm allowed to check out on Overdrive on my Cleveland library card, which is to say: I'm ready to read. Got any beach reading suggestions? Cuz I have another library card that's not maxed out yet!
  4. Check out some waterfalls. We're going on a waterfall tour on our first day in San Jose (mostly because I'm told San Jose itself sucks), & what could be more beautiful than a goddamn waterfall tour? Seriously.
  5. See a volcano. Part of the waterfall tour also includes a volcano tour. I live in Ohio, so I have no effing idea what to expect of a volcano. I guess it probably just looks like a mountain - though we don't really have those, either. 
  6. Drink some coffee. We're going on a coffee tour in San Jose, & while I'm not usually one for black coffee, I'm been told that this coffee is delicious, even if you're not typically a drinker of black coffee. 
  7. Coo over wildlife. Sloths! Monkeys! Iguanas! Crocodiles! OK, I'm less excited about that last one, as I'm bizarrely terrified of crocodiles (not a fear I need to deal with in Cleveland). I'm so excited about all the wonderful wildlife we're going to see.
  8. Swim up to the bar. There are a bunch of places in Tamarindo with swim-up bars, & you'd better believe I'm taking full advantage. I mean, I'll drink beverages handed to me on dry land, too, but I prefer the swim-up variety.
  9. Eat everything. Fine, not everything. No fish with heads still attached. But lots of fish tacos, I hope. And plantains. So many plantains.
  10. Go stand-up paddleboarding. I haven't done this since Mike & I visited Redondo Beach, CA, a few months after we started dating. I'm afraid of water activities, but somehow I love this one, as much as it also terrifies me.  
  11. Get an in-room massage. One of our hotels offers in-room spa services for an extra $10, which is small potatoes compared to, like, how much it would normally cost to have such a thing done in the comfort of your own residence. 
Have you ever been to Costa Rica? Got an recommendations for us? We haven't done a lot of formal planning, so we still have lots of free time to fill, if we so choose!

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