6 Small Goals for April

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

I feel like every blogger says this every month, but whoa, how is March already over? This year is speeding by. I think I did a pretty good job of my March goals, though:
  1. Make the most of my time in NYC. I tried my best on this one, though, as I wrote in an earlier post, I had to cancel my Broadway plans & didn't get to do my final dinner with my BFF. I did, however, do one dinner with her, had lunch with coworkers, had a Bachelor hotel party with my coworker Sofi, & ate at Chef Morimoto's restaurant. Pretty good, given the circumstances! 
  2. Move along the name-change process. Unfortunately, I realized after creating this goal that I couldn't move forward on going to Social Security & the DMV until after our honeymoon. My ID docs need to match my passport to travel, so this is being bumped until June, ugh. I did, however, change my work email address & my health insurance card, so I did what I could.
  3. Clean out my car. It never got warm, so I never did this... but it's still on my to-do list! I did, like, take all the used coffee cups out, though. So that's a start.
  4. Spruce up the guest room. Cardinal Maids came in mid-March, & they went bananas cleaning up the guest room, despite Mike's mess in there. It looks so nice! Now, to hang some art. You know how long that will probably take me... but it's at least fit for guests now. 
  5. Get my taxes done. Mike & I spent an evening at our friends' house for dinner, where Sam, an accountant, helped us figure out our first year of married taxes. I don't owe as much as I expected - though Mike, unfortunately, does. 
  6. Move forward on my "year of less" goals. I started listing & selling all kinds of stuff on Poshmark, gave away three more bags to Goodwill, unfollowed 300+ brands on Instagram, 
Not bad, right? Annnnd onto April.
  1. Clean out my car. Adding this back to the list. Apparently a good new DIY car-cleaning place opened in my hometown, which my mom has recommended.
  2. Plan our honeymoon: After considering Thailand, Spain, & Ireland, we just booked tickets - to Costa Rica! We don't know anything about it, so let the planning begin. (Tips welcome.)
  3. Make it through Passover without eating leaven. Passover is underway, & it's my favorite holiday, despite the fact that it requires me not to eat eat bread for the duration of the holiday.
  4. List the last of my stuff on Poshmark. I still have two rejected rehearsal dinner dresses to list, plus a bunch of Mike's stuff, now that Poshmark allows for selling men's clothing. 
  5. Schedule a well-woman visit. I haven't had once since a few years ago, when my doctor's office sent my bloodwork to a lab that wasn't covered by my insurance - which cost me $450. I've been afraid to go back ever since, but dude, it's time. Gotta take care of my body.
  6. Experiment with workout options. Speaking of taking care of my body, I basically don't exercise at all. I am mortified to admit that here, but I feel like... I don't even know how, & at this point, I don't know where to begin, either. I registered for Harness Cycle's intro class, & I want to try a yoga class or workout video or two... it's long past time to at least try. Leave me any suggestions in the comments! 
There you have it, another round of monthly to-dos. If you want a TL;DR, I'm looking for recs for Costa Rica (where to stay, what to do, & what to pack) & workout ideas for someone with, uh, little to no workout experience.  

Whatcha got? 

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