6 Small Goals for March

Saturday, March 3, 2018

OK, OK, so February wasn't my best month, goals-wise - but my home goals took my top priority, & I got most of that done, so I feel all right about everything. (And I read 10 books.) Here's a recap:
  1. HANG ART ON MY WALLS. I did this! Are you proud of me? I finally did this - & I even blogged about it. Cheers to home feeling a little bit more like home.
  2. Finish setting up our apartment. I didn't hang curtains, but I did take down our Christmas tree, put in a few maintenance requests, move some things to the basement, & schedule a home-cleaning appointment for March. I'm feeling really good about our place right now.
  3. Push my social boundaries. To be honest, I canceled a lot of plans in February. My anxiety & depression were higher than usual, the weather was worse than usual, & I was more of a hermit than usual. Still, I'm going to try not to beat myself up about this one. It's OK. And I did keep a lot of plans, too, so I'm calling this one a win.
  4. Make a dentist appointment. Oops. 
  5. Set up at least one new friend date. I didn't actually make plans with anyone new, though I did connect with two people I'd like to make plans with. Guess I need to take that next step, huh?
  6. Don't buy any new clothes or accessories. Faiiiiiled. First, I bought a final-sale tunic from Banyan Tree. Then, I ended up at Kohl's with my mom, where I bought a denim sundress & this LC by Lauren Conrad blazer, then two blouses, &... yeah, I failed. I also gave a lot of stuff away, but overall, this goal was not a success. 
My goals list for March is more than a little intimidating - it seems like a lot to try to get done in a month - but what's March for if not for some serious spring-cleaning & getting life in order? This month, I want to...
  1. Make the most of my time in NYC. This is an ambiguous goal, but I had to include something related to this upcoming trip. I'm headed to the city for work for the first time in three years, & I'm looking forward to seeing my coworkers in person. I've also got one or two fun things planned, so stay tuned to my Instagram
  2. Move along the name-change processI've officially changed my name but haven't done much of the other paperwork, like going to the Social Security office or getting a new driver's license (in part because of my upcoming NYC trip). 
  3. Clean out my car. When I bought my car in 2015, I decided I'd keep it clean by never allowing food inside it. HA. These days, my car is more than a little gross - not necessarily even messy, just unclean. It's time to get it cleaned up for spring's arrival. 
  4. Spruce up the guest room. I'm hosting a friend's bachelorette party in late April, & I'd like to get our guest room/Mike's office cleaned up & "finished" by then. It's the last step in really making this place feel like home. 
  5. Get my taxes done. OK, Mike will actually be the one doing our taxes (married liiiiife!), but I need to give him all the right stuff to move forward on my end of things. I've always had an actual accountant do my taxes, so I'm a little nervous about our first year of joint filing... 
  6. Move forward on my "year of less" goals. I blogged at the end of February about how the book My Year of Less inspired me to pare down a little bit. In particular, I'd like to make some progress on listing some items on Poshmark & beginning to budget.
Like I said: not such small goals! We'll see how the month goes, right?

What are your goals for the month? Happy March!

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