6 Small Goals for December

Monday, December 4, 2017

OK, let's be real: I didn't do a great job of my November goals. I'm inclined to give myself a pass, given all I had going on - including getting married, the Thanksgiving holiday, a week-long illness, & prepping for my major work conference - but I hope December will see me slightly more in control of my personal life. 

Here's how I fared on November's goals:

  1. Get married. Hey, I did this one. Spoiler alert: This is about the only thing on the list that I managed to complete, but it was also the most important one. 
  2. Start the process of changing my name. OK, this one is sort of underway - but just barely. Turns out it's a complicated process that involves lots of paperwork, a court date, & a newspaper ad - but I did do all the research & print out the forms. 
  3. Put new windshield wipers on my car. Simple though this would've been to do, I haven't yet - but I've got to do it in December because my current wipers can't handle precipitation!
  4. Hang artwork in my bedroom. Didn't do this one, either, though I did hang a few pieces of artwork in other rooms of the house. That sort of counts, right? 
  5. Do yoga at least six times. Unsurprisingly, I did yoga exactly one time last month. 
  6. Start wearing my FitBit again. I cannot find my charger. Womp. 
Although November was a bit of a fail, as far as small goals go, I did achieve my one major goal, which was to get hitched. Whew!

I'd like to complete the above live in December, plus the following:
  1. Do my best at my big work conference: I leavetomorrow today for this event in Boston, featuring speakers like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, author Anita Diamant, & The Nanny's Fran Drescher. It's my sixth time working this event, & I try to do a better job of it each time around. I hope I leave this one feeling on top of my game & proud of my work. 
  2. Make some sort of holiday-themed plans: A Christmas Story at Playhouse Square is sold out, as is the downtown lights trolley tour. So what'll it be? I'm not sure yet, but I want to do some fun, Clevelandy Christmas thing aside from just... celebrating Christmas in Cleveland. 
  3. Successfully complete my DietBet: This is a large goal, actually, so we'll see if I can manage it: I joined Fat Girl Fed Up's DietBet, betting $30 that I can lose 4% of my body weight by the 21st. I'm not off to a great start, but if I lose the weight, I get a share of a $159k pot! 
  4. Buy a mattress: We're sleeping on a mattress I purchased from Overstock while tipsy at a party in 2013, & my back is feelin' it - in a bad way. We decided to spend some of our wedding money on a good new mattress - extra firm! 
  5. Put together our new bed frame: When I say "new," I mean, "I bought this before we moved in May, but we still haven't put it together." The massive box has been sitting in our bedroom for months, & I'm dying to get it put together so our forthcoming mattress can go with it.
  6. Send all our wedding thank-you notes: I'm almost done writing my thank-you notes, but I'm gotta find some stamps & get on Mike to write his half. I'd love to have these finished by 2018!
What are you aiming for this December? Are you trying to get a head start on any of your 2018 resolutions? Comment & let me know! 

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