My 10 Favorite Books of 2017

Saturday, December 30, 2017

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I read 101 books in 2016, but I knew I wouldn't be able to make that happen in 2017. Between planning a wedding & working on a big conference for my job, I didn't think I'd have the oomph to make it to 100 - & I was right. To be fair, much of that is because I watched a lotttt of bad TV.

My final total for 2017 is 77 books, which is pretty darn good, all things considered. Below are my top three favorite books of the year - all of which happen to have been new this year (though that's not the case with the honorable mentions listed below them). Without further ado...
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2017 in Review: Globally Awful but Personally Lovely

Thursday, December 28, 2017

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I've been pretty lucky to have a few good years in a row. What does it say about me if I'm perpetually living in fear of waiting for the other shoe to drop?

OK, wait, let's not think about that. Let's think, instead, about the year we're leaving behind, which was a pretty darn good one.

Let's take a look back, shall we?
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What to Do When the Power Goes Out While It's 5° Outside

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

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Go outside to take a look at your neighbors' houses to determine whether the power outage is just in your home. Seeing that some neighbors do, in fact, have power, seek out your fuse box in the creepy basement, where you also discover the carcass of a massive & terrifying bug of unknown origins. Confirm that no fuses have blown & immediately abandon ship.

Check the neighborhood Facebook group, which indicates that everyone in your neighborhood who uses the same power company as you is, indeed, sans power. Light every candle you own, which is in't many because you recently threw a bunch of them away when you realized they were inciting allergies.

Turn on every piece of technology that has its own battery (including two computers & an iPad) so you may benefit from the warm glow of their screens. Google "what to do in a power outage," which isn't very helpful because you're not an idiot & this isn't brain surgery. Put on a winter hat.

Get a text from your mother that's more helpful than the Internet: a reminder to put your faucets on a low drip so your pipes don't freeze. Do that, then feel like you're going slightly insane as you listen to three faucets drip... drip... drip in the blackened silence of your apartment.

Weigh the options, including freezing to death alongside your cats in your own bedroom & driving to your mom's house alone in very cold weather while all the lights are out on the highway (as reported in your neighborhood's Facebook group, of course). Frantically text all options to your husband, as though you don't know how to make decisions alone. Excessively refresh aforementioned neighborhood Facebook group to see if there's any news about power restoration. There isn't.

Continue to text your mom & your husband. Update Twitter. Like literally everything you see on Instagram. Use up all the battery on your phone. Oops. Recharge it in your husband's computer until the computer dies, too, taking its warm technological glow (& half your light source) with it.

Return to obsessively checking Facebook, where you learn that a transformer explosion is the cause of the power outage, which spans most of the west side of the city of Cleveland. Decide to go to your mom's when you see an update from the power company that says no estimated timeline is available for the restoration of power... to 40,000 homes across the city.

Pack your suitcase in the dark, using your iPhone as a flashlight held under your chin so you can use both hands for the task of assembling clothing for a who-knows-how-long stay. Remember that your mom's house is usually freaking freezing, anyway, & pack extra sweaters for the move from one icebox to another.

Make repeated trips out to your car to load it up with everything you need for a trip of indeterminable length, including cat food, an extra blanket, & a bag of stuff you've been meaning to take to Goodwill. Keep an eye out for carjackers because there's been a rash of break-ins lately, as though you need additional anxiety tonight. Or ever.

Briefly consider going to the restaurant across the street to wait out the outage, because somehow, they still have power, those bastards. They also have curry. And beer. Instead, head back into your home, where you catch one of your cats & put her in a carrier in the middle of the living room, suppressing your guilt as she screams & cries & thrashes & generally appears to be miserable.

Set our to catch your other cat, who is now hiding underneath the bed. Prod him using a long back massager, then proceed to chase him around the bedroom a few times until you are finally able to drag him out of his hiding place. Try to avoid his wrath as he hisses at you while you shove him headfirst into his carrier. (Sorry, buddy.)

Lace up your snowboots (because it's icy as hell, because of course it is) & schlep both cats out to your car, where one of them continues to hiss & the other continues to scream. Spend the 40-minute car ride murmuring, "It's okayyyy" in a soothing voice, upwards of 100 times, to no avail. Worry that your cats have peed in their carriers. (Good news, to be determined upon arrival: They have not.)

Stop at Taco Bell for cinnamon twists & nachos because this night has been stressful, OK? Eat your contraband fast food while parked one street over from your mother's house so that your mother will not know of your secret shame. Feel embarrassed about doing this at the age of 33. Moms, man.

Arrive home & smuggle your cats into your childhood bedroom before your mother's chihuahuas can realize they're in the house. Sigh with exasperation as aforementioned hissing cat makes his way under a new bed... & continues to hiss. Lock cats in bedroom & pour yourself a glass of red wine.

Realize you've forgotten your allergy medicine, which is problematic because you've recently become deeply allergic, somehow, to your childhood home. (Prime suspect: dogs.) Decide to run to the 24-hour CVS pharmacy down the road, but first, lose your keys & take, like, 20 minutes to find them.

While at CVS, check social media... & learn that the power is back on across Cleveland, just an hour after you got out of dodge. Contemplate crying; contemplate returning to Cleveland; decide to do neither.

Find a cookie in your purse. Eat cookie. Buy allergy medicine. Go back to your mom's house. Settle in for the long haul - or at least until tomorrow morning.
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Happy Holidays, with Love from the Kaputs

Monday, December 25, 2017

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This post is a copy of the holiday letter Mike & I sent out to family & friends... & the image above is the front of the card we sent. Oops - though, luckily, we sent out very few of them because we were too tired (from sending wedding invitations, thank-you notes, etc.) to do a full-on Christmas card mailing this year. 

Anyway. Mike wrote this letter, so it's in his voice, & parts have been redacted for publication here. Happy holidays, friends.


Friends, family, compatriots,

Growing up, both Kate and I loved receiving annual holiday letters from friends and family. These letters, which recounted the joys, successes, and milestones of the previous year, were just one more way to stay present in the lives of our loved ones, near and far.

Today, we’re blessed to have friends and family all over the world. Though we all share the joys and sorrows of everyday life online, we thought it’d be a lovely tradition to send our own holiday letter to give you the big picture view of our family’s year.

So, let’s get to it: 2017 was, to put it mildly, a hell of a year. The biggest news, of course, was the dizzying rise of the price of bitcoin.

Just kidding! The biggest news was that we got married! (Though seriously, check out bitcoin.) We sincerely could not have imagined a better way to celebrate our union than with the people we love most.

Most people know that Kate and I count our friends as family, and on November 11, we were lucky enough to be surrounded by the best family imaginable. Most people also know that a few years ago, both Kate and I would’ve put “getting married” low on our list of likely things to happen in the near future, so it’s an understatement to say that “finding your person and marrying them” was such a pleasant surprise.

In fact, we’re so eager to start our first full year of married life together that we accidentally ordered holiday cards that say 2018. The future is, quite literally, now.

2017 was also notable in a number of other ways.

We attended beautiful weddings that took us all over the country, including New Orleans, which is most certainly haunted, and Washington, D.C., which is definitely in need of an exorcism. In May, we moved into a new apartment and decided to call it our home for the next few years while we ease into this whole “being adults” thing. We also adopted a second cat, which is enough responsibility for now. (Our cats are named Helo and Dora. Helo is named after a character in the 21st-century reboot of the science fiction show Battlestar Galactica; Dora is short for Nymphadora, a character in the Harry Potter series. None of this should be shocking to anyone reading this letter.)

For Kate, 2017 brought amazing new opportunities and experiences. Kate has been blogging steadily for 10+ years, maintaining a blog that showcases her beautiful complexities, amazing characteristics, and unique insight on the world. Personal writing is like a window into a person’s soul, which meant Mike, who read most of her blog after their first date, fell in love before Date #2. (Thankfully, this worked out.)

This year, Cleveland Plus named Kate one of the top Cleveland top bloggers to follow, so now, when people on the internet want to know more about CLE, they can more easily find her blog, which we can all agree is the role she was born to play in the blogosphere. (Check her out at

This year, Kate was also published on Alma, Localeur, and in Cleveland Magazine; this is in addition to her full-time job. In her spare time, she fit in seeing Billy Joel in concert and reading 75+ books. The sad part is that 75 books is 25 fewer books than she read last year. That is not a joke.

Last but not least, we were overjoyed to celebrate the retirement of Kate’s mother, Joyce, after serving as head of the children’s department at the local library for 16 and ½ years. Joyce continues to be a bright and beloved light in her community — and is a better dancer than both of us.

Mike, on the other hand, is lucky he managed to stay alive, free of incarceration, and gainfully employed in 2017. (Calm down guys, it’s kind of a joke.)

Mike continues to work as a consultant at an online marketing agency, where he puts Don Draper to shame. His pet project focuses educating marketing professionals about artificial intelligence. So far, it has attracted significant interest from key players in AI, led to high-profile speaking gigs, and even gotten some paying sponsors. Not too bad for a passion project he’s been developing on the side.

Mike has, this year alone, started writing two novels that will probably never be finished. One is a sci-fi thriller of AI run amok; the other is a young adult fantasy novel in the vein of Harry Potter. He’s also spent a huge amount of time trying to learn more about real estate and understand cryptocurrencies. On this last point, he’s become fond of saying that there are two types of friends: friends who humor his discussions of bitcoin, and people who used to be friends. He makes this joke before crying himself to sleep at night.

On Mike’s side of the family, we were been truly blessed to watch Mike’s sister Maggie graduation from Ohio University in May. The entire Kaput clan made the trip to Athens to watch Maggie walk. It has been one of the proudest moments of Mike’s life to watch his sister grow into a smart and talented young woman.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our family, support us in our endeavors, and make our lives so rich and full of joy. To reward you for reading such a lengthy letter, here some of the books we loved this year that you may want to read yourself:

Kate recommends: Everybody’s Son by Thrity Umrigar (a Clevelander!); The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas; and Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. Mike recommends: Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashley Vance; The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials Into Triumph by Ryan Holiday; and Red Rising by Pierce Browne.

We can’t wait for the adventures 2018 has to offer. Until then, we wish you and your loved ones a holiday filled with joy, warmth, and good tidings toward all humankind (or most of it, depending on your mood). Above all, we wish you presence. We spend most of our time thinking about the days to come, but the days happening now are the most valuable things any of us own. We hope you’re able to sit back and savor these treasures.

Mike & Kate
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11 of the Best Shops in the CLE for Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

Thursday, December 21, 2017

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It's that time of year: Time for last-minute gift-buyers to panic! My fellow Clevelanders, you've got lots of options that aren't Target or the mall or picking up a gift card from CVS (though I do love me a good old-fashioned gift card). You may be cutting it close, but that doesn't mean you can't shop small. Here are a few of my favorite local shops, all open this weekend before Christmas's arrival. 

1. Banyan Tree

By now, every Cleveland gal knows of Banyan Tree, repeatedly voted the city's best boutique on various such lists. From on-trend clothing to quirky accessories to lifestyle & homegoods (think lots of CLE-themed bar items!), Banyan Tree is a one-stop shop for any lady on your list. With three locations, there's probably one pretty nearby, too. (2242 Professor Ave., Tremont, open Fri./Sat. 10am -9pm, & Sun. 11am-5pm | 162 Main St., Westlake, open Fri./Sat. 10am-9pm & Sun. 11am-6pm 24677 Cedar Rd., Lyndhurst, open Fri./Sat. 10am-9pm & Sun. 11am-5pm)

2. Big Fun

Haven't yet shopped for the kid on your list... or the kid-at-heart on your list? Big Fun is the spot to shop, stuffed with modern-day toys & vintage gems alike. You'll find every action figure imaginable, giant Star Wars characters, old issues of Disney Adventures magazines, joke items & penny candies, pretty paper goods, & basically anything & everything in between. Needless to say, shopping at Big Fun is, well, big fun. (1814 Coventry Rd., Coventry, open Fri./Sat. 11am-10pm & Sun. 11am-8pm)

3. City Buddha

If you're looking for candles, crystals, beaded jewelry, wall hangings, scarves, & the like, City Buddha is the place to try. This spacious East Side store is jewel-toned & incense-scented, & as its name suggests, it specializes in items with an Asian flair. prices range from low to high, so you're bound to find something within your gift-giving price range. (1807 Coventry Rd., Coventry, open Fri./Sat. 11am-9pm & Sun. 11am-7pm) 

4. Evie Lou

Whether you're shopping for your mom, your wife, or your best friend, you're likely to find something for her within this surprisingly expansive boutique with locations on both the East & West sides. They're primarily a clothing boutique specializing in upscale but comfortable, wearable clothing (think aspiring Stevie Nicks types), but they also carry a variety of jewelry & accessories, too. (2509 Professor Ave., Tremont, open Fri./Sat. 11am-8pm, & Sun.12-4pm | 20075 Chagrin Blvd., Shaker Heights, open Fri./Sat. 10:30am-6:30pm & Sun.12-4pm)

5. Intro Boutique

This shop in the 5th Street Arcades has been open just over a year, & while the space isn't very big, they're making great use of it with a curated selection of clothing, candles, accessories, & homegoods, all at surprisingly affordable prices. Think Francesca's bit with a more minimalist, less corporate vibe. And it's owned by a friend of a friend! (530 Euclid Ave #34, Downtown, open Fri./Sat. 10am-6pm & Sun. 10am-4pm)

6. Lilly Handmade Chocolates

Perfect last-minute gifts: chocolate, beer, wine. Lilly has all three... & more. From truffles to bars to bark, they've got tons of varieties of couture chocolate to choose from (sugared plums for me, please!), & they can help you pair it with the perfect craft beer or fine wine for a classy, delicious gift that definitely doesn't look last-minute. (761 Starkweather Ave., Tremont, open Fri./Sat. 12-10pm; closed Sunday)

7. Lovely Paperie & Gifts

For all things paper-related (& paper-related-adjacent, like pens, tumblers, totes, & other such knick-knacks), Lovely Paperie is the best place in town. It's bright & beautiful, with high-quality curation at mostly-very-affordable prices. They also sell some of those go-to gift brands your older sister & your aunt love, like Vera Bradley & Nora Fleming. (19315 Detroit Rd., Rocky River, open Fri. 10am-6pm, Sat. 10am-5pm, closed Sunday)

8. OcĂ©anne Jewelry

I've written before about my love of this local jewelry artist originally form France. Her work is both classic & trendy at the same time, in familiar shapes & styles but always with a very of-the-moment vibe. Expect pieces that are primarily gold-toned in varying price points, plus lots of other fun, giftable goodies that make her new storefront more than just a jewelry shop. (6515 Detroit Rd., Gordon Square, open Fri,/Sat., 11am-8pm, & Sun. 12-5pm)

9. Room Service

This shop is freaking beautiful, & it's as much a work of art as the items within it, regularly redesigned to be not just a shopping trip but an experience. From statement watches to baby clothes to their "French pantry" collection, this husband-&-wife owned boutique is full of the unexpected, the unusual, & the unique. (2078 W. 25th St., Ohio City, open Fri. 11am-7pm, Sat. 11am-8pm, & Sun, 11am-6pm)

10. Visible Voice Books

I love me a good independent bookstore, & while Cleveland has a few great ones, I'm partial to the one on the street where I live. It reopened just this summer after a few years off, & its beautiful new space is modern & cozy at the same time. They sell both new & used books (& buy the latter), & if they don't have it in stock, they can order it for you - though probably not in time for Christmas! (2258 Professor Ave., Tremont, open Fri., 12-10pm, Sat., 11am-10pm, & Sun. 11am-5pm) 

11. Wild Cactus Boutique

This newish Ohio City shop features both new & vintage pieces that scream Free-People-meets-Pacific-Northwest-in-the-'90s. This is where you go to snag a Christmas gift for your coolest friend... or yourself, once you're thoroughly exhausted from shopping for everyone else. (2138 W. 25th St., Ohio City, open Fri./Sat. 11am-6pm & Sun. 11am-5pm)

Am I missing any of your favorites? Leave a comment & let me know where you'll be grabbing your last-minute gifts from this weekend. And merry Christmas!

Images from: @introboutique@wildcactus_boutique; &  @oceannejewelry
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All I Want for Christmukkah Is...

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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There are just 11 days until Christmas - & Hanukkah began yesterday! Now that the holiday season is in full swing - & I finally have the time to sit down & focus on the holiday season - I've put together my annual holiday wishlist. At 33, I hardly expect gifts anymore - but it's fun to imagine that Santa cares, right? And let's be honest: If these items don't end up under my tree, I may order them for myself anyway!
  1. HD Camera Lens Kit 5 in 1 for iPhone: I can't afford a new iPhone right now, but boy, am I dying for portrait mode! This relatively inexpensive lens set seems like a great way to fake it until I can spring for a new phone (which won't be for awhile). 
  2. Cleveland AF Crewneck SweatshirtI don't often wear sweatshirts (are there 33-year-olds who do?), but I know this one would get a lot of wear. I love Emily Roggenburk's prints, too, but my walls are nearly full, & this item is calling my name. 
  3. Marc Fisher Yommi Chelsea BootieFellow blogger Kimi has been wearing these for months now, & I swoon over them every time she posts a pic. They're on sale, but still slightly anove my price point at the moment.
  4. Glossier Boy BrowFine, fine, fine, I've resisted the global Glossier obsession, but I'm pretty interested in this cult-favorite product. I usually use E.L.F. on my brows, & for $3, it works great, but I wouldn't hate giving this stuff a try.
  5. The Sun and Her FlowersRupi Kaur's last book of poetry was one of my favorites of the year, & I can't wait to own her newest one. At just $7, it's got to end up on my bookshelf sooner or later. 
  6. FabFitFun subscription: This was my favorite of all the many subscription boxes I've tried, but I promised Mike I'd take it easy on them this year. If someone gifted me a subscription, though, that's technically a loophole, right...? 
  7. Bobeau One-Button Fleece Wrap Cardigan: A friend wore this to brunch the day after my wedding, & I immediately bought one in olive - but I like it so much that I also want it in heather charcoal, burgundy stem, &/or black.
  8. Baleen Levy Necklace: The last thing I need is more necklaces, but this is a wish list, right? Not a need list. This pretty, geometric bauble from Seattle-based shop Moorea Seal is the latest piece of jewelry to give me heart eyes. 
  9. Kanguru Glow-in-the-Dark Throw Blanket: Another thing I have plenty of: blankets. But this one glows in the dark, so I extra want it. It looks so cozy, & it's got constellations on it, & I just wanna cuddle up in the couch beneath it.  
  10. Natori Classic Pajama Set: I've long been wanting a nice pair of PJs to at least partially replace my current nighttime wardrobe of sweatpants & old T-shirts - but so far, this is the only pair I've found that I really like!
What's on your holiday wishlist this year? 
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My 6 Favorite Christmas Movies... Plus an Embarrassing New Holiday Addiction

Monday, December 11, 2017

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I've got to tell you a secret: I don't watch black & white movies. I don't know why exactly; I have no doubt that many of them are wonderful & heartwarming - but it's just never appealed to me to watch a film that doesn't show the full-color joy of life, especially at Christmastime. So no, you won't find any classics on this list - but you will find a few colorful favorites that I find myself watching year after year after year... & sometimes as early/late as July.

Home Alone

It's a well-known fact that Home Alone is one of my all-time favorite movies, period, & not just at Christmas. I know almost the entire movie by heart, & don't come at me with those BuzzFeed lists of "stuff you never noticed" about this movie because I have noticed. I've been "Buzz, your girlfriend, woof"-ing since I was 17, at the latest, & I shed real tears when John Heard passed away this year.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Our Idiot-in-Chief's brief cameo aside, I truly believe that Home Alone 2 is one of the most perfect sequels in American film history (even though, by this point, I believe the elder McAllisters to be woefully unqualified parental units). Also, I once purchased a winter coat that a then-boyfriend told me made me look like the Pigeon Lady.


When I first saw this Will Ferrell comedy, I just didn't get it. The grown man in an elf suit, the spaghetti with maple syrup, the animated narwhal... like, whaaaat? Now, though, this is one of my favorite modern-day classics, to be quoted all year long. Don't think I don't yell, "I know him!" every single time I see Santa Claus alllll throughout the Christmas season.

Love Actually

I know, I know, this film is outdated & fairly problematic in more than a few ways, but I give it a pass because, hey, a lot of the early 2000s was fairly problematic - & so much of this movie is so adorable that I can overlook the rest of it (I'm lookin' at you, weird scene with Keira Knightley & Andrew Lincoln). That scene of Hugh Grant shimmying through the prime minister's mansion? Priceless.

The Santa Clause

I find this plotline to be weirdly sort of genius, & here's another secret: As a kid, I had a huge crush on the actor who played the head of the "Elves with Attitude" team. I watched this movie over & over because of it. These days, though, I just like Tim Allen as a bumbling accidental Santa & Elf Judy as his adorable little cocoa-making sidekick. "Seeing isn't believing, believing is seeing."

A Christmas Story

As a proud Clevelander, I love this movie, which was filmed right here in my neighborhood. And as an American Jew, I spent a lotttt of time watching this movie on repeat on Christmas Day, when it played on TV all day long. As this leg-lamp-loving man in Iowa says, "Nothing says Christmas like the soft glow of electric sex!"

This holiday season, I'm also watching a few Christmas movies of the absolute cheesiest variety - the Hallmark kind! My coworker Marissa & I binged Snow Bride late night in our hotel while we were on a work trip last week, & I just devoured Netflix's A Christmas Prince (which, yes, made me cry). Got any recommendations for more in this vein? I want to watch as many as I can find!

And tell me: What are your favorite Christmas movies?
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The Best Wedding Vendors in the CLE (a.k.a Mine!)

Thursday, December 7, 2017

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Hard to believe it's been nearly a month since Mike & I got hitched, but here we all, are married & stuff. Our professional photos aren't in yet (keep an eye on Instagram!), but while it's all still fresh in my mind, I wanted to share a bit about the local vendors we used & loved. 

Venue: Ariel Pearl Center

We booked our venue on the spot, although it was still being renovated. What a find! It's an old bank building with high ceilings & lots of marble, so our bars were vintage bank tables, & our photobooth was in the vault. We didn't have to do much decorating because the venue was so beautiful on its own. If you're considering this venue for your own wedding, get at me for a few thoughts I won't share here - but overall, we loved the space, & it was the right locale for us.

Welcome Dinner: The Winking Lizard

It wouldn't occurred to me turn to this local chain for a rehearsal dinner, but it's right across the street from Mike's office, so we decided to look into it when we had trouble finding a large enough location. It turned out to be a great spot! The Huron location has a private party room with its own bar, servers, & a buffet menu, & they let us set up our own speaker system for toasts. Our attendees enjoyed the best wings in the CLE, & we enjoyed the casual space & low cost.

Coordination: McPherson Events & Design

I didn't plan to hire a wedding coordinator, but I sure am glad I did. Enter Denise McPherson, local planner extraordinaire, who helped manage every element of our big day, from coordinating with vendors to pressing us to make decisions on details we might've overlooked. She also set up & took down everything the day of the wedding itself, & she oversaw flipping the room between our ceremony & reception, ensuring that everything ran smoothly.

Food: Taproot Catering

Another caterer quoted us $15k - wayyyy outside our budget - so our coordinator recommended we look into Taproot, based in Kent. We knew upon our first meeting with the owner, Brian, that it was the right choice. He created the menu of our dreams, complete with a pierogi bar & a sandwich bar featuring mini Polish boys & reubens. It was some of the best food we've ever had - which is saying a lot for food generally, but especially for wedding food, which is so frequently subpar.

Photography: The Oberports

This duo isn't actually from Cleveland - or even Ohio - but I had to include them here. They're based in Charleston, WV, but I went to college with the wife half of their husband/wife team, & having them as our wedding photographers was the only thing I knew I wanted for my own wedding. They were definitely a splurge for us, but without even seeing our pictures, I know they were absolutely worth it.

Hair & Makeup: Cleveland Makeup Artistry

Hiring Karin as my wedding day makeup artist is one of the best wedding decisions I made. She's warm & kind, & she really listened to try to understand my style & what I wanted; she perfectly executed the "fancier version of my everyday look" that I requested. I also hired Cleveland Makeup Artistry to do my hair for the big day, & Daniel, too, perfectly executed my request. My bridesmaids who had their hair & makeup professionally done were thrilled with their work, too. Everyone looked beautiful that day, & we have Karin & Daniel to thank for it. They were a dream to work with!

Tailoring: Christina Catherine Sewing

How lucky am I to have a friend who's also a professional tailor? Christina holds a fashion degree from Kent State & worked for a designer in NYC before moving home to Cleveland & opening her eponymous shop in Little Italy. She tailored both my wedding dress (an Oleg Cassini from David's Bridal) and my welcome dinner dress (on sale from Eloquii), as well as my mom's mother-of-the-bride dress. She was also kind enough to bustle me before cocktail hour so my bridesmaids didn't have to figure out her complicated loop-&-button system!

Earrings: Bombay Taxi Boutique

I knew I wanted, if possible, to incorporate Shibani's jewelry, handmade in India, into my wedding day wardrobe. I was deciding between a few pairs of earrings, but ultimately, my dress was so busy that I needed something simple. I decided on the Kiara earrings in moonstone, which, as I said in the last post, were fancy enough for the big day but simple enough to wear on a day-to-day basis. I love wearing them with jeans & a sweater & thinking of our wedding day when I do.

Sound & Lighting: Freddie James DJs

Freddie James, a local radio DJ with an absolutely incredibly speaking voice, also runs a company that brings together local radio personalities to DJ weddings & other events on the side. Their company did a great job DJing two of our friends' weddings, so hiring them was a no-brainer for us. Our DJ was friendly, upbeat, & fun, getting the crowd on the dance floor to some of our favorite songs.

Accommodations: Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center

We wanted our out-of-town guests to stay at a downtown location that showed off all Cleveland has to offer... especially because our venue was located in a neighborhood that doesn't do the city justice. My uncle's close friend is a Marriott exec, so whenever possible, we go the Marriott route; in this case, it was a perfect choice because the hotel is located right on Public Square. It was also a great spot for outdoor photos, freezing cold though the day was.

Transportation: West Side Shuffle

I let this detail slip until nearly the last minute, but luckily, our wedding coordinator came through with another great recommendation. OK, OK, so I was expecting our ride to a shuttle bus rather than a renovated school bus, but for such a nice price, I can't complain. Our driver was friendly & let the bridal party drink, charge our phones, & play "The Final Countdown" on our ride to the venue, & he made multiple trips to get all our guests safely to & from the reception.

Did you use any of our vendors? If you're planning a CLE wedding & are interested in learning more about our experiences with any of these companies, hit me up. I'd love to tell you more! 
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6 Small Goals for December

Monday, December 4, 2017

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OK, let's be real: I didn't do a great job of my November goals. I'm inclined to give myself a pass, given all I had going on - including getting married, the Thanksgiving holiday, a week-long illness, & prepping for my major work conference - but I hope December will see me slightly more in control of my personal life. 

Here's how I fared on November's goals:
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What I Read in November

Saturday, December 2, 2017

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Hello, December. Weird. In the immortal words of Shania Twain, "Looks like we've [almost] made it..." - to 2018, that is. I had a lot going on in November, between wedding planning, wedding recovery, the Thanksgiving holiday, a bout of illness, & prepping for my upcoming work conference. Still, I managed to make it through three books, & they were all good ones.

I skipped November's Book of the Month selections because I'm so behind on my to-read list, but my December pick was Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, which I'm excited about. As always, you can use my referral link to get your first book for just $9.99, plus a free tote bag. Let me know what you choose - or just what you're reading right now!

Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin by Sybrina Fulton & Tracy Martin

It took me a long time to finally read this book, knowing that it would be a difficult one to get through. Can it already have been six years since 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot walking home from a 7-11, Skittles & an iced tea in his hoodie pocket? His parents' memoir is a painful, powerful look at the case, a testimony to race & racism in America. No justice, no peace. ★★★★★

The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

After developing a fast & furious obsession with the Hulu adaption, I decided I ought to read this book, a "new classic" to be sure. It is, as expected, just as effed-up & terrifying as its TV counterpart. This is a rare instance in which I'm glad I watched the show before reading the book because I think having the visuals in my head made it easier for me to follow along with the written story. ★★★★★

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Bachman

This was a book club pick that I committed to finishing even though I had a hard time with it. It's a good book, to be sure, & I can understand why it's so beloved. It tells the story of Ove, a lovable curmudgeon who's lost his wife & his job & is ready to die - if only his suicide attempts weren't continually foiled by well-intentioned neighbors & a stray cat. As a suicide survivor, though, it was difficult for me to make it through this story line. Life doesn't come with trigger warnings, I know, but I probably would've spared myself & put this one down if I didn't want so badly to be able to join in the convo at book club - which I had to skip when I got sick, anyway. I'm actually glad, in the end, that I "had" to keep reading this book - because as difficult as parts of it were for me, the story itself was truly touching & lovely by the end. ★★★★★

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