My 5 Favorite Cleveland-Based Jewelry Brands

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

I've got to be honest: My wardrobe is not particularly creative. I mean, I try to look nice, & I like to think I succeed, but I don't get very into trends or colors or patterns. My clothing is fairly basic, usually black or another neutral.

The only thing that keeps me from being too boring, on that front, is my jewelry. I'm always on the lookout for quirky, creative, interesting jewelry - the kind you won't see everywhere, or that not everyone would feel comfortable wearing.

I sometimes buy my jewelry from major labels, sure, but if given the choice, I'd much rather given my patronage to local brands. Luckily, Cleveland is home to a few great ones, & some of my favorite pieces are from right here in the CLE - all made or curated by female entrepreneurs.

As we enter the full swing of the holiday season, here's a rundown of five of my favorite Northeast Ohio-based jewelry sellers. If you're so inclined, check 'em out. They all make great gifts (for yours truly included). Happy holidays!

Bombay Taxi

I've written before about Cleveland businesswoman & fellow blogger Shibani Faehnle's online boutique, which mostly sells bespoke goods imported from Indian artisans. Her prices range from totally affordable to a little bit of a splurge, but for limited-edition luxury pieces, sometimes a little splurge is worth it. She runs pop-ups all over town, too, so if you love something you see online but want to catch it in person to be sure you love it, she's never hard to find.

My favorite item: I wore a pair of Bombay Taxi's Kiara earrings in pink chalcedony to my wedding welcome dinner, & I wore the same pair - this time in moonstone - to the wedding itself. How beautiful are these?! The best part is that they're fancy enough for a wedding, but casual enough to continue to be worn on an everyday basis - & they're already getting plenty of everyday play.

Cleveland Street Glass

Having your car broken into sucks. Know what doesn't suck? Salvaging the refuge of those broken car windows to be turned into beautiful, one-of-a-kind glass jewelry. That's what artist Deanna Dionne does, & the results are surprisingly gorgeous - & totally unique. These upcycled pieces "find beauty in the broken," & when you're sporting one of these pieces, you definitely won't run into anyone else who's wearing the same piece of jewelry as you.

My favorite item: On impulse, I snagged this pretty necklace Cleveland Street Glass while shopping around at the final CLE Night Market of 2016. I don't wear a lot of silver, but when this necklace does make an appearance in my wardrobe, it always gets tons of compliments & questions.

Oceanne Jewelry

French jewelry artist Anne Harrill moved to Cleveland in 2002 & has since become one of the best-known names in local accessories, with her goodies for sale at boutiques, pop-ups, the Cleveland Flea, & elsewhere. Her delicate style ranges from mod to bohemian, & her classics collection features hand-stamped favorites with inspirational quotes, snarky commentary, & Cleveland love. Every time I stop at her stand, I have to force my hand away from my wallet - which is why I'm excited about but wary of her new storefront in Gordon Square!

My favorite item: At last year's Last-Minute Market, a Christmas pop-up in downtown CLE, I did my fair share of gift shopping... but also bought this long-coveted bracelet engraved with the constellation of my astrological sign, Leo. I wear it more than any other piece of jewelry I own, aside from my engagement & wedding rings.

Odyssey & Oddities

Want quirky? Fellow Kent State alum Nikki Lundberg specializes in quirky, & her statement pieces are my latest jewelry obsession. She uses natural stones, brass, & fringe to put together jewelry creations in unusual shapes & combinations like you've never seen before. Her Instagram account shows off all her newest pieces, & her bio always has information about which local fair/festival//pop-up she'll be at next.

My favorite item: Uhhh, how can I choose? At a Cleveland Flea last summer, I was all set to buy a gorgeous agate necklace... & then I dropped it. And it shattered. I was massively apologetic, but Nikki was kind & unfazed, saying she'd repurpose the pieces. I instead purchased this lapis-colored necklace, which I wear to infuse some color into my all-black wardrobe, & I've since purchased five pairs of earrings from her, too, including this beautiful fringed pair I bought just last week.

Ode Vintage

Truth be told, I'm not much for vintage; I just don't have the patience to scour through things or the vision to see hidden gems beneath the rust & dust. Luckily, local business owner Olivia Delyamu has done it for me - & what gems she's come up with! A staple at the Cleveland Flea & other local shows, Olivia's Ode Vintage sells more than just jewelry - but it's the jewelry that's my favorite part.

My favorite item: I love long, gold-toned necklaces & am always on the lookout for unique ones - the kind I won't see 12 other people wearing from Target. At a Cleveland Flea this summer, I stumbled across this $10 item at Ode Vintage's booth... & unwittingly wore it to the next two Fleas I attended! Simple but elegant, it's become a wardrobe staple that pulls together just about any outfit.

Do you have a local favorite jewelry brand, whether Cleveland-based or from your own city? Leave a comment or link so I can check them out! 

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