11 Must-Reads from Other CLE Bloggers

Monday, November 13, 2017

Post-wedding, I'm taking a few days off work & therefore probably a few days of blogging, so I'm sharing a little bit of content for you to enjoy while I'm away. Here, I've rounded up 11 posts from some of my fellow Cleveland bloggers. Show them some love & find your new favorite local read! 
  1. Dreading the arrival of cold weather? Shibani shares "5 Tips to Enjoy More Winter with Hygge." How many of these are you already doing? Step up this season!
  2. Brittny just did a solo tour of Budapest, Prague, & Viennia... on an impressive shoestring budget. In "How I Traveled to Europe for Under $1,200," she tells you exactly how she did it.
  3. I still don't consider myself a podcast-lover, which is ridiculous, given that I listen to at least three a day. Allison shares "Five Favorite Podcasts," including a few I've yet to try. Time to get listening!
  4. If you're feeling overwhelmed by social media, Brittney's "The Self-Love Survival Guide: Social Media" provides a gut check on not letting technology overwhelm or depress you.
  5. If you're like me, you're draaaaagging by 3pm on workdays. Amanda's "Hacks to Make Your Work Day Go Faster" are commonsense but helpful to see listed all in one place.
  6. I've got a bit of debt to pay off, so I appreciate reading how other people are handling theirs. Hannah gets personal in "How I'm Paying Off Debt," sharing both numbers & tips for how she's digging out of the hole.
  7. At-home tasting parties sound so fancy, don't they? That's why I love how Julia & her husband made the upscale dinner party a bit more chill with their "Blind Domestic Beer Tasting." Think you could tell the difference between your favorite light beers?
  8. I've got a work trip to Boston coming up in December, & though I'm an experienced traveler by now, I'm always looking for new tips to make it easier. Enter Stephanie's "5 Work Travel Tips."
  9. Cleveland.com has put out a new list of the best restaurants in the CLE, & this one is very close to home for me. Check out "50 restaurants and bars we love: Downtown, Ohio City, Tremont and the Flats" & let me know which spot you're checking out next.|
  10. I'm admittedly not great at setting or achieving goals (failing at the latter why I stopped doing the former). Maybe Kristen's "Goalsetting 101: Write it the F*** Down" will help.
  11. Finally, give cold temps the middle finger with Alyssa's recipe for "Spiked Hot Chai Cider with Ohio Bourbon." L'chaim!

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