7 Things I Watched While Waiting for the Return of Fall TV

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

When it comes to TV, the end of summer is kiiiind of the worst. It's that weird in-between time when summer's mediocre TV offerings have ended, but fall's premiere season has yet to begin. 

I'm stoked about tonight's premiere of Law & Order: SVU & Criminal Minds, & I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's two-hour premiere of season 14 of my forever-fave, Grey's Anatomy. Good TV is back! Here, though, is what's occupied my TV is the months since we've been apart.


How did I not know that this show existed? A million thanks to Brittny at Pierre Into My Life for recommending it as a perfect binge-watch. Though it's based on the colorful & light-hearted Archie comics, it's got a distinctly sexy, sinister twist - & yes,, somehow that works without being terrible cheesy or weird. Just... whoa, it's the best.

Bachelor in Paradise

This season of the show was, frankly, total shit - as though the bar was set very high to begin with. Of course, as headlines told us, production on the show ceased within the first 24 hours of filming, which shook things up, & the season never really found its footing. I do, however, love the Derek/Taylor pairing & now follow them both on Instagram, so hey, something came of this season.


This Netflix original movie was admittedly pretty adorable, a modern-day Mean Girls with a social media twist. Dani, a She's All That-style "nerd," starts dating her longtime crush... & quickly becomes the target of his beautiful, popular ex, who just happens to be a major Internet celebrity. Like every movie in this genre, it's got a heartwarming, teaching-teens-a-lesson-in-friendship sort of ending.

The Walking Dead

I stopped watching this show after Negan's brutal murders in the season 7 premiere, but then I kind of missed it, brutal murders & all. Unfortunately, I couldn't catch up because AMC doesn't allow for free streaming. Fortunately, the latest season is now on Netflix! Unfortunately, I guess I'm screwed when season 8 begins. Fortunately, it will eventually be on Netflix, too!

Little Evil

This movie, another Netflix original, was filmed in my neighborhood. Remember when I saw Evangeline Lily at my local Thai restaurant?! She plays a mother whose new husband (played by Adam Scott) can't seem to get along with her young son... probably because her son is the literal spawn of Satan. But fret not, this is a comedy - & a decently funny one, too, with an unexpectedly happy & adorable ending.

The People v. O.J. Simpson

Admittedly, this one took me awhile to get through, but only because I'm usually watching crap like Bachelor in Paradise. An all-star cast goes behind-the-scenes of a familiar story, starring Cuba Gooding Jr. as O.J. & Sarah Paulson as prosecutor Marcia Clark - & everyone in it does a truly incredible job. I was in sixth grade when the O.J. verdict came down, so I never knew much about the case itself, which made the details of the show all the more fascinating.

The Good Place

I don't usually like comedies, but I do love Kristen Bell, so this one was a no-brainer. I'd seen the previews but for some reason didn't realize this show was already through a whole season! Eleanor Shellstrop ends up in "the good place" (some vague & hilarious approximation of heaven), despite the fact that she lived her life as a truly terrible person. Hilarity ensues. But really.

Which shows are you looking forward to this fall? And what tided you over this summer? 

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