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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Three things you didn't know about me:
  • I minored in history in college. I have a terrible memory, so I love learning about it... & then learning about it again after I inevitably forget what I've learned.
  • I grew up in a family of car fanatics, which is an understatement. Once, at a garage sale, my dad glanced at a car covered in a tarp &, without seeing it, named its exact make & model based on shape alone, astounding its owner. 
  • I love Cleveland. Like, a lot.
OK, OK, maybe you'd guessed that last one.

The three of those things combined contribute to my love of Cleveland's Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum, part of the Western Reserve Historical Society & one of the coolest historical offerings in the city. Northeast Ohio was a crucial hub of development in the transportation industry at the turn of the century, & University Circle's Crawford Museum shows off the city's many contributions. It's home to 140 antique cars, 21 other vehicles (motorcycles, bicycles, & boats), & 10 aircraft - to name a few.

When I first attended the museum, I sent my cousin Jim approximately 20 Snaps of beautiful antique cars & frantic captions like, "WE NEED TO GO HERE! FAMILY FIELD TRIP!" Jim, an aerospace engineer who knows just about everything about cars & regularly responds to my needy texts about my own vehicle, calmly responded that he already knew about the museum... & has visited it a number of times.  

Damn, fam, why didn't you clue me in sooner?!

But I should've known. The Western Reserve Historical Society also encompasses the Euclid Beach Park Grand Carousel, Costume Collection, Hay-McKinney and Bingham-Hanna Mansions, Kidzbits Family Hands-on Center, & the Research Library. They run the coolest historical exhibits & programming in Northeast Ohio - & they're celebrating 150 years of preserving its rich history to share it with the public.

As a kid, I made lots of trips to Hale Farm & Village, a living history museum on a 200-year-old family farm in the Cuyahoga Valley (think an Ohio-themed Williamsburg), & I love the gorgeous Euclid Beach Grand Park Carousel, a restored 1910 carousel now set indoors at the Western Reserve Historical Society's headquarters. I'm also really excited about their newest exhibit, opening in November: Cleveland Starts Here will be a core exhibit & digital portal that explores Northeast Ohio's rich, diverse history.

Want to check it all out for yourself? The Western Reserve Historical Society is generously giving away a one-year membership! To enter, just complete this short WRHS survey & like them on social media as instructed below. Happy exploring! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclosure: I was asked to help promote the Western Reserve Historical Society’s survey & offerings in exchange for a complimentary annual household membership, plus one to give away. As always, all opinions are strictly my own! 

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