Our New Apartment: The Good, the Bad, & The(re Is No) Ugly

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

We've now been in our new apartment for just a little bit more than a month, & it's safe to say that we love it. Did I mention that we signed a three-year lease?! It's so amazing to know that we're not moving again for awhile, that this is home - that we can just settle in & enjoy.

Here's a quick look at life in our new place.

The Good

  • The space: This apartment is bigger than our old one, including a giant living room & a very big kitchen, plus a basement where we can store some of our stuff. More on some of the specific spaces later, but suffice it to say it's nice to have more space, period.
  • The location: We're in the same neighborhood as before, an area we absolutely love, but now we're in a quieter, shadier part of town. Though there's more foot traffic, there's less car traffic, so it's closer to the action but also much quieter than our old place. Win/win! 
  • The sunlight: This place is so bright & sunny! Our old place was very dark, which was cozy but also sort of depressing. Now, I rarely have to turn on a light before it gets dark out, & it's just so pleasant inside.
  • The front porch: How amazing is it to be able to sit on a front porch with a book & a beer, enjoying the weather & watching the world go by? Really amazing, lemme tellya.
  • The lack of neighbors: We're in a duplex with neighbors above us & no one immediately on either side. It's pretty sound-proof, too, so we can really only hear the upstairs neighbors when they're walking heavily or playing loud music, which is rarely.
  • The laundry: We have an in-unit washer & dryer off our bedroom! Nothing makes me feel more like a boring adult than my level of enthusiasm about this development, but I'm not ashamed.
  • The air conditioning: Another top-notch element of the new space is the fact that it's fully summer-ready with central air, which is tied for The Best Thing™, given how sweaty I am.

Whew, that's a lot of stuff - but seriously, doesn't this place sound lovely? Of course, not everything can be perfect, so here are a few of the less-lovely elements of our new apartment - which, yes, we'll also be dealing with for the next three years:

The Bad

  • The bugs: 'Tis the season for gross bugs, especially since we're on the first floor & under some trees. Most distressing are the house centipedes, which I kill by trapping under a cup & flushing down the toilet. Cuz I'm a wuss.
  • The yard: Ugh, we have a yard. Other people would be pumped about this, but I'm not, mainly because we're responsible for maintaining it, & yard work is tops on my list of least favorite things to do in life.
  • The passersby: We're on the first floor and in the center of the neighborhood action, so it's sometimes awkward to have our windows open and/or our blinds up. Too close for comfort! 
  • The closets: There are only two of them, & man, are they small - but we're making do by paring down, staying organized, & using the basement for extra storage.
  • The distance to my favorite coffee shop: Look, this is a very whiny complaint because my go-to cafe is still only .5 miles away - but it used to be 20 steps away. Now I have to plan better if I want to grab coffee before a meeting. The horror! 
OK, so what about the really bad stuff? Well, where to start...

Just kidding. I'm comin' up empty on this one!There's literally nothing ugly to report, except maybe that I found a decaying bird skeleton underneath our back porch - but that's not the house's fault, now, is it?

In other words: We're happy here, & I'm happy to be happy here.

Tell me: What's the best/worst thing about wherever you live?

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