It's Really, Really, Really Freaking Important That You Call Your Senators This Week

Sunday, June 25, 2017

I shared an Ohio-centric version of this post on Facebook today, but it felt too important not to share as broadly as possible.

Have you called your senators to ask them to vote no on the GOP health care bill? 

Call your senators' offices now! Thank your Democratic senator for opposing the American Health Care Act , & ask/urge/plead with/beg your Republican senator to vote no on this harmful piece of legislation that would jeopardize the lives of millions of Americans.
You can find the phone number for your senators' D.C. office here (& if you're an Ohioan like me, you can call Senator Rob Portman's D.C. office at 202-224-3353). When you call, be sure to say your name & your city; clearly state your opposition to the bill & ask him or her to vote no, for the well-being of residents of your state & for all Americans.

Never done this before or feeling scared? Call after hours (like today!) & you'll get an answering machine instead of a real person. Your opinion will still be heard & documented by members of the senator's staff. Don't let phone anxiety prevent you from calling!

Here are a few quick facts about the AHCA, which you are welcome to quote in your call... or share with every single goddamn person you know because, in the words of American hero Gwen Stefani, "This shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S."
  • "The Congressional Budget Office predicts that the AHCA would cause 23 million people to lose insurance by 2026, according to The New York Times."*
  • "Insurers would be allowed to apply for a waiver to opt out of covering essential health benefits in order to charge higher rates for those with preexisting conditions - something that 70 percent of Americans oppose, according to a survey conducted by Langer Research Associates."* 
  • "A poll from Quinnipiac University found that 62 percent of Americans disapprove of the Republican’s bill, while 66 percent are unhappy with President Donald Trump’s handling of the nation’s health care.*
Let's let Republicans know that we mean it this time: They can't mess with our health, with our wellness, with our lives. Their jobs are at stakes.

This is a critical time. Please don't just stand by & watch.

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