I Promise This Won't Become a Wedding Blog

Monday, January 23, 2017

I'm really torn on whether to do much blogging about wedding planning because my big question is: Does anyone, other than my mom & me, give a crap? That said, part of me figures... why not? This is my blog, & I may as well word-vomit as I see fit, right? 

The Date 

We're getting hitched on November 11, 2017, not because I'm one of those people with any particular attachment to the make-a-wish date of 11/11 but because it was, like, the only day next fall that would work. Between the High Holidays, friends' weddings, & Halloween, this was the only date that made sense. It's also Veterans' Day. Oops.

The Venue 

We really wanted to knock this out before I left for Peru in mid-November, & we were able to accomplish that. We rounded up info & pricing online, then booked the first & only venue we looked at in person. It's a brand new venue located in a renovated bank building. So much marble!

The Wedding Party 

Our party is a liiiiittle bit bigger than is ideal, but we couldn't narrow it down. Too many people we love! Mike asked his groomsmen (& his sister) with personalized flasks, & I gave my bridesmaids (& his sister!) coffee mugs with a dorky poem: "Roses are red / Coffee is hot / Will you stand up there with me as I tie the knot?"

The Rehearsal Dinner 

We've made no progress on this front, but I'm enjoying brainstorming ideas. My mom suggested a brunch rehearsal, but I like the idea of a brewery. Because our wedding venue is in a neighborhood that doesn't really highlight Cleveland's greatness, we'd like to hold the rehearsal dinner someplace that shows off our city. Open to suggestions! 

The Dress 

I found one, I found one! A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the soul-crushing experience of trying to find a wedding dress, & you guys responded with such wonderful, helpful, supportive comments. (Thank you!) Shortly afterward, my mom & I went dress shopping & struck gold... at David's Bridal, which I really didn't want to try. I love the dress I ordered, though, & can't wait to wear it.

The Invitations

We haven't decided on invitations but had fun choosing save-the-date postcards, which will go out this month. We do know that our invitations will be just one piece, with no RSVP cards; that'll all be done online to save time & money. We're using Minted.com because they have gorgeous designs, low-ish prices, & near-constant sales, & I'm using Ebates to find coupon codes & get cash back. 

The Food 

We're both anti-wedding meals because they're so often just, like, dried chicken breast & wilted veggies. I want to have food people will want to eat, including myself, still ever the picky eater. We're hoping to have our reception catered by Sokolowski's, the pierogi palace that's a beloved Cleveland icon. Mike proposed to me on National Pierogi Day, so this couldn't be more fitting... or delicious.

The Drinks

Our venue requires us to bring in our own booze, so we're planning to drive down to Cincinnati for a weekend & buy all our booze from Kentucky while we're there. I'm also trying to come up with a fun signature cocktail - something with champagne, duh - to go with the 400 gold foil drink straws I bought from Target last month.

Here are some things I haven't thought about yet: a photographer, a DJ, a gift registry, a honeymoon, the ceremony itself, & probably a millionbillion other things that I just haven't gotten around to because I have no idea how to plan a 200-person party. I'm grateful to helpful friends & family, though, & to the glory that is the Internet as we begin to take the plunge into wedding planning.

Less than 300 days until we #kaputaringonit. Full speed ahead! 

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