Today's Been a Real Monday So Far

Monday, September 26, 2016

I don't usually have any issues with Monday, not really. I like my job, & as such, I don't dread the start of the work week. Like, would I rather still be living in the weekend? Yeah, sure. But Monday & I don't have any beef.

Except today.

Today went pear-shaped right away, within the first few seconds of waking up - & it continued to move downhill from there.
  1. I woke up sweaty: Sorry if this is TMI, but lately I've been having very anxiety-ridden dreams, & I've woken up with rill bad night sweats. Apparently night sweats are symptomatic of lots of health issues, including anxiety - surprise! - but also, you know, cancer. So that's a little worriesome? And either way, it's gross as hell to wake up sweating through your clothes & sheets & to have to shower when you weren't planning to.
  2. I went broke overnight: I woke up to an email from Facebook saying that, because I had hit a $500 billing threshold paying for September's work ads, I'd been billed immediately, rather than at the end of the month. The problem? My work ads are currently billed to my personal debit card. Now my bank account is $255 in the red, & though my boss tried to expedite a reimbursement, I apparently cannot be repaid until Friday. The worst part? I had a meeting scheduled with the finance guy this afternoon to switch out my personal card for a business card.
  3. I split my pants: It's pouring rain & no warmer than 65 today, so I got to wear actual fall clothes. Great! I put on my favorite sweater & a new pair of black & white LuLaRoe leggings, then sat down to work. I quickly realized that one butt cheek was... very cold. The culprit: a huge, horizontal hole in my brand new leggings, resulting in bare flesh against wood. Good thing I noticed before I set out for my morning coffee, I suppose.
  4. I got soaked: Speaking of heading out for my morning coffee, it is, as I mentioned, pouring outside. I texted Mike to ask if we have an umbrella anyplace before realizing that we do - in my car. Super-helpful, past-Kate, thanks. The coffee shop is nearby, so I braved it &, you know, got soaked. I returned home with a latte, a yogurt, &, for the third time this morning, very wet hair.
It's now just a little after noon, & blessedly, the day seems to have evened out, despite the fact that I'm hundreds of dollars in the hole & down a pair of (leggings-as-)pants. I'm of the ridiculous & unscientifically based belief that bad things always happen in threes, which means I have two more to go today, though I suppose I could make the case that getting rain-soaked wasn't bad luck; I willingly opted into that one. So maybe I'm all set on today...

Chill, Monday. Is this how you treat your friends? No wonder nobody else likes you.

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