10 Instagram Accounts I Love

Thursday, April 28, 2016

These days, Instagram is my social media platform of choice. There's less noise, more visuals - nice things, pretty things, interesting things. Things that aren't controversial, that don't rile me up, that don't result in online arguments. Though I follow more than 700 accounts (which is probably way more than I ought to), a few accounts stand out as "Give me more!" faves. Inspired by San's recent post, here are 10 accounts I always look forward to hearing - errr, seeing - from. What are your favorite accounts?


I'm newly obsessed with cheese & meat trays, & I think I owe much of my obsession to this Instagram account. It's just photo after photo after photo of beautiful cheese & charcuterie trays, so decadent that you'll never want to eat anything else.


Surely you know Joe, former G.I., who's now an intern for sex & dating blogger Simone of Skinny Dip. Along with his BFF Hammer (M.C., of course), Joe travels, blogs, breaks gender norms, & makes me laugh. Best intern ever? Best intern ever. And those abs of steel - er, plastic - don't hurt, either.


This Cleveland food blogger has hit the big-time, with 21k followers & lots of local news coverage. She 's allergic to nuts, fish, shellfish, sesame seeds, avocado, & chickpeas, which means she has to get creative about her eating - & damn, does she ever. Her photos are beautiful & mouth-watering.


This Cleveland photographer is all over the place, snapping quick pics of the best this city has to offer. Most of his photos show up on the @clevelandscene account, too, but I prefer his personal feed to theirs for the aesthetic of pure photos not broken up by ads & media.



Do you love dogs? Yes? Then you'll love @dogsontables, which is, for no real reason, simply a collection of - you guessed it - dogs sitting on tables. 


The day I first spotted popular blogger Kayla at my favorite local coffee shop, it felt like a celebrity sighting. I had no idea she'd moved here! With candy-colored hair & a few quirky hobbies (plus a cat named Squid!), her Instagram is a mish-mash of everything pretty, but still somehow down-to-earth.


Yes, a brand! I mean, have you seen Air BnB's Instagram feed? It's gorgeous, full of cool places to visit & even cooler places to stay. For days when I have a serious case of wanderlust, this account is both the best & the worst.


Ashlee, a former blogger turned entrepreneur, is a mama of two & the founder of Coffee & Crumbs, a site for mothers. She's also a mega-talented photographer whose Instagram documents the daily beauty of a perfectly normal life. She'd not trying to put on airs or make her life look Insta-amazing. And that somehow makes her extra amazing.


Is it any surprise that I love an account dedicated to exploring the Buckeye State? This account serves as a beautiful middle finger to all those coastal folk who think Ohio is nothing but a flyover state full of farmland & hillbillies. There's so much to do & see here, & this account captures quite a bit of it. It makes me want to have more Ohio adventures!


I feel like most Instagrammers are familiar with this account by now, but man, it brings me a lot of visual joy. It's just a collection of pictures of people's shoes as they stand on fancy floors - tiled floors, chevron floors, animal-print floors, modern floors, ancient floors... so many floors. It's one of my Instagram life goals to be feature don this page, but I don't see very many cool floors in real life, so that seems unlikely.

Which accounts are your favorite? Follow me on Instagram at @heyescapist.

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