Treat Yo'Self: 10 Things I Bought for Myself This Holiday Season

Monday, December 28, 2015

Yeah, yeah, so the holidays are all about giving to others. I love that part, & I have a tendency to go all-out buying gifts for friends & family, but I also can't resist buying a few gifts for myself along the way!

This year, I got all my shopping-for-others done early - like, by Thanksgiving - which meant my wallet was full come December... which meant that I treated myself to a little bit more than I should have. Even though I just told you about all the ways I'm trying to save money in the new year, I first had to blow a bunch of it on gifts to myself before 2015 comes to a close. Oops.
  1. Black Vanilla and Cinnamon Tea

    I ordered this Trader Joe's tea off Amazon after reading about it on San's blog, & while I now know that I paid 300% markup, I personally feel that, at only $7.35 a box, it was a worthwhile caffeine investment.
  2. Eucalyptus Spa Candles

    Funny story: I attended my boyfriend's Friendsgiving party & was smitten with the scent of the candle his roommate lit in the bathroom. While intoxicated, I searched for it online, bought two, & was surprised when they arrived at my door a few days later because I'd completely forgotten about buying them. They smell incredible.

  3. Robyn Rhodes Agate Spear Cuff

    I'm still a big fan of jewelry subscription service Rocksbox, & every month, they send me jewelry that tempts my wallet in the worst & most beautiful ways. I couldn't resist this gold & agate bracelet, which I snapped up almost as soon as it arrived in my mailbox. If you want to try Rockbox, you can still use my code heyescapistxoxo for a free month!
  4. Oversized Flannel Scarf

    Old Navy had a sale of, like, 70% off, so I scored a great cream & black scarf for $7 just before Thanksgiving. It's hardly left my fashion (uh, "fashion") rotation since.
  5. Glossybox Subscription

    We all know I love subscription boxes, & after I canceled my favorite one, I wanted to find another to fill the void. Enter Glossybox, which I got way back when it began in 2012. My first two boxes of 2015 were a little feh, so I again canceled the subscription, but it was fun while it lasted. Lots of new hand cream, I guess?
  6. Soma System Foam Roller

    I have a perpetually bum back, so the idea of a foam roller has always appealed to me as a way to get some pain relief without having to pay big bucks for a chiropractor (who probably wouldn't see me, anyway). I look like a crazy human worm, flailing & squirming around atop this thing, but it makes me whole body crack, so... worth it.
  7. 52 Lists

    I'm a longtime fan of creative entrepreneur Moorea Seal, who once redesigned this very blog & who now owns a successful online store as well as an adorable brick & mortar shop in Seattle. This beautifully illustrated journal, one of her most popular items, includes weekly list prompts designed to "help nurture self-expression & self-development."
  8. INC Ponte Pants

    This was less of a treat & more of a necessity, considering that these, from Macy's, are my all-time favorite pants & that both of the pairs I own have developed holes in the, erm, crotchal region. Still, it's a treat to get new clothes, period, & I look forward to the arrival of two comfy new pairs of pants that won't risk showing off my ladybits.
  9. 14k Gold Nose Ring

    I took my hoop out for a work event in November & then promptly lost it. While looking through pictures as I prepare for my year-in-review blog post, I realized just how much I miss it! This week, I took to Etsy to order a new one, hopefully of higher quality than the last (which quickly turned to silver). Am I getting too old for a facial piercing? If so, don't tell me.
  10. Tickets to Matilda and If/Then

    Did you know that Cleveland has the second largest theater district in the country, behind only New York City? Playhouse Square offers $10 "Smart Seats" for most of its shows, so on Christmas Eve, I impulsively snagged tickets to these two big-name productions. I'm taking my boyfriend to one & my best friend to the other... & I'm on the lookout for one to take my mom to!
What did you snag for yourself this holiday season? What's on your personal wishlist to buy soon? 

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