Fine, I'm Obsessed: A Look at My 4 Favorite Subscription Boxes

Sunday, July 5, 2015

I've been accused, by more than one friend as of late, of being a liiiiittle bit obsessed with subscription boxes. At this time, I would like to go on record as saying that this is both totally true & patently false.

Wait, what?

OK, based on some of my recent Instagram posts, I can understand how it certainly looks as though I receive, like, every subscription box to ever exist. I do really love subscription boxes as a general concept (monthly surprises!), & I enjoy the ones I get. At this time, however, I only subscribe to four, not a million, as friends have assumed. I mean, "only" four, ridiculousness noted. But still.

I know there are, like, entire blogs dedicated to this stuff, & that every blogger who's ever blogged has blogged about the subscription boxes she loves. Normally, I wouldn't have thought to write about this, but because I've been accused asked a few times lately, I thought I'd share with you an overview of what I get & how I feel about it.

PopSugar Must Have Box

This is far & away my favorite box. Though at $40 a month, it's got a heftier price tag than the others, it almost always feels worth it. PopSugar curates a monthly box valued at more than $100, full of... whatever, basically. It claims to be "the best in fashion, beauty, home, fitness, food, & more," which means boxes include everything from home decor items (a la my favorite diffuser) to summer reading (hello, new Judy Blume book!) to quirky jewelry (like this pretty little gemstone pendant). I love that I never know what I'm going to get in this monthly box of gifts to myself, & even if individual items don't suit me, they always make for perfect gifts. You can get $5 off with my referral link & coupon REFER5.


Wait, wait, maybe this box is my favorite box? It's been all over my Instagram, & I wrote about it once already: Rocksbox is a personal styling service for jewelry, & for $19 a month, their stylists send you three pieces of jewelry per box that are chosen especially for you based upon your style profile, specific requests, & past-box feedback. You can get more than one box a month depending on how quickly you send your items back, though you can, of course, also buy the pieces you like most (which I have done more times than my wallet cares to admit). You can get a free month (!!!) with referral code heyescapistxoxo.

Modest Box

In celebration of my return to Ohio, a three-month Modest Box subscription was my gift to myself this spring upon receiving my tax return (& the rest went into savings, because I'm responsible sometimes). It's an Ohio-themed box that curates products handmade in the Buckeye State, including paper goods, food (like this state-shaped cookie!), beauty products, & basically whatever else seems cool & Ohio-made. Importantly, Modest Box introduced me to Cast Soaps, which I newly love. No referral code here, & I likely won't renew because the expense doesn't quite match the product level, but it's been a fun box to get for a little while.


Ah, that old standby: the original subscription box! I got my first Birchbox a few years ago, when I won one from a fashion blog. I subscribed immediately & then, when I had accumulated way more trial-sized items than I could ever use, I cut ties. A few months ago, though, I reactivated my subscription... mostly because I was hooked by their recent social media marketing efforts. At just $10 a month, it's an easy way to try new products I'd never find on my own, though I rarely buy full-size products beyond the samples they send. If you've never gotten Birchbox (by now, I feel like everyone has), you can try it for $10 a month using my referral link.
    Over the years, I've also tried: Glossybox, which I canceled because it was too expensive for my tastes; Julep Maven, which I canceled because I don't even paint my nails; Ipsy, which I canceled because everything was tacky & low-budget; & Stitchfix, which I canceled because they seem unable to dress any bigger than a size 10. I'm sure there are other subscriptions I'd love, but I don't even want to know what they are* lest I drain my entire monthly budget on boxes of surprise goodies.

    OK, OK, so maybe I'm a little bit obsessed with subscription boxes after all. The truth is that I would subscribe to more of them if I could - so it's probably a good thing I can't. But tell me: *What subscription boxes have you tried?

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