30 Things Ohioans Really Love, Buzzfeed Be Damned

Thursday, August 29, 2013

This morning, I got a text:

With apologies for my language (I didn't know at the time that I was about to make our convo public), Lindsey then pointed out that the Buzzfeed piece in question, 30 Things Ohioans Love, begins with this note:
As told by a New Yorker who is currently dating one, is friends with countless others, and spent four years voluntarily living in this great (yet, at times, very odd) state during my glory days of college.
Come on, Buzzfeed! You couldn't even find a real Ohioan to assemble this piece? Don't worry, I've got it covered for you. Some of the things on your list - nine of them, to be exactly - are spot-on, & for the sake of giving credit where credit is due, I have left them on mine, denoted by an asterisk. The rest come from this Ohioan brain of mine; addled with East Coast life though it may have become, my roots are in tact.
  1. Ohio State football*
  1. Being a swing state*
  1. Insisting that Ohio is not the boonies
  1. Hating Lebron*

  1. Great Lakes beer
  1. Telling other people that Cleveland is actually cool
  1. Having four seasons
  1. Drive-thru alcohol & snack "stores"
  1. Going to college in Ohio
  1. Defending the Cleveland Browns*
  1. Mentions of Ohio in pop culture
  1. Driving to West Virginia to buy Everclear
  1. Cedar Point*
  1. Referring to soda strictly as “pop”*
  1. Waxing poetic about the days of Sea World & Geauga Lake
  1. Hating winter but bragging about how good we are at enduring it
  1. Illegal fireworks
  1. Saying “you’re fine” instead of “no problem” or “no worries”*
  1.  Doing the "O-H!" "I-O!" cheer, anywhere & everywhere
  1. Cornhole*
  1. Fairs & festivals & fried foods
  1. Country music, even though we are really far north
  1. Omitting "to be" from sentences where they belong ("This papers needs edited," "The lawn needs mowed," etc.)
  1. Referring to sneakers strictly as “tennis shoes”*
  1. Candy buckeyes
  1. Spending summer weekends at Put-in-Bay
  1. Hating "rival" sports teams as much as or more than we love our own
  1. Reminding others that we have the accent newscasters strive toward
  1. Being “the heart of it all”
  1. Leaving Ohio

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