I Like This & Think You Will, Too (A Fun Giveaway)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

When I like things, I like them a lot. Similarly, when I dislike things, I, you know, dislike them a lot, which, um, you might've noticed if you follow me on Twitter. While I'm often quick to complain when I think something sucks, I also try to be one of those people who regularly sings the praises of the things I love, & that's what I'm doing today.

I first learned of edwardstickerhands through my new friend Rachel's Instagram account just a few weeks ago. I met Rachel & her brother on my recent trip to Israel; their other sib is the designer behind edwardstickerhands, & though I didn't have the pleasure of meeting her, I do really like her Etsy shop, which is full of custom-designed keyboard stickers for Mac products.

I first ordered these chevron-print stickers for my iPad keyboard:
I loved them a lot & told everyone on Instagram:

I loved them so much, in fact, that I went back & bought these cheetah-print ones for my actual laptop:
...and these Calvin & Hobbes ones for my Calvin & Hobbes-obsessed boyfriend's laptop:
And because she's nice and/or because I'd purchased three sets of stickers from her in under a week, the lovely lady behind edwardstickerhands sent me another set of stickers gratis! And because I've run out of keyboards to adorn with these awesome graphics, I want to give this set away to one of you, my fab readers, in the hopes that you'll enjoy them as much as I do.

Here's the deal: These Alice in Wonderland Flowers stickers are even prettier in person, & I predict you'll be obsessed with them. They have a glossy finish, & the letters/symbols are printed on the stickers themselves, so they're visible but not transparent (meaning they will not utilize any back-lighting). They go on easily & have a strong adhesive, so they won't come off during everyday use, but you can remove them pretty easily, too (though I don't know why you'd want to).
I don't normally do giveaways because I worry that they'll ruin the integrity of my blog, or something, but when I really like a company & have the opportunity to tell you about it, I think that's pretty... integral. Nope, that's not the right word. Damn, English language, you crazy. Anyway, you know what I mean, right? I think there's integrity in raising up small businesses & things I really like. Like edwardstickerhands.

Want to enter? Have at it:
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Of course, if flowers aren't your jam or you just can't wait to win, you can order your own keyboard stickers straight from edwardstickerhands. I promise you'll love them!

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